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Murders and Mysteries: England and New Zealand
Season 3 - Episode 305
Murders and Mysteries: England and New Zealand
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At Castle Rushen on the Isle of Man, apparitions of a young girl as well as a woman all in black have been seen, and the GHI team is there to confirm or deny these haunting claims.

Kris and Barry search for the little girl in the Lord's Chamber, where she's said to have appeared in the fireplace. While Barry is standing close to the fireplace, he feels something grasp his leg and sees something move along the wall. Paul and Susan have been investigating the 17th Century Room and Susan, who feels queasy the minute she steps into the room, sees a shifting ball of blue, misty light move outside the window. Joe and Scott follow up on their investigation, and hear something running along the stairs.

Joe and Scott also check out the Condemned Cell, the place where criminals would await execution, where they debunk the claim that a heavy door moves of its own accord - it's simply a loose hinge. Barry and Kris, meanwhile, head to the highest point on the castle in search of the woman in black. They are unable to make contact, but it's possible that the equipment they leave there will detect something.

The next day, Barry and Kris meet with their client and report that although they all had compelling experiences, they're not quite able to say the castle is haunted. The only clear piece of evidence is an audio catch of running footsteps.

Next, they head to Christchurch, New Zealand, to the Riccarton Racecourse Hotel, where the founder of the hotel, a man named Donald Fraser, owner of a fiery temper, was murdered in 1929. The case was never solved.

Joe and Scott go looking for the apparition of a little girl in the hotel bar. They use a device that measures large swings in temperature, which almost immediately starts beeping, and its lights start flashing. Paul and Susan go there later with a similar device that measures EMFs, and have a similar result. They conclude that, due to the heavy seismic activity - Christchurch was recently the site of a devastating earthquake - the electromagnetic fields are consistently elevated, and the response of the devices is due to natural, rather than paranormal, phenomena.

Kris and Barry investigate the claims of bloody footprints in some of the rooms, and though there is no physical blood, they can't rule out the possibility that visitors may have seen the equivalent of an apparition, in bloody footprint form.

Kris and Barry present their evidence in a meeting that closely resembles their reveal at Castle Rushen: Although many team members had intriguing experiences, the only hard evidence is a single audio clip. Joe and Scott were in the bar, conducting an EVP session, and they asked Donald Fraser, "Why were you so belligerent?" The very clear response they hear is, "I don't know." Although this is a strong indication that something is afoot, there is simply not the amount of evidence they would need to deem the site haunted.

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