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Temple of Doom: Peru
Season 3 - Episode 307
Temple of Doom: Peru
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Ghost Hunters International is headed to The Andes Mountains of Peru to investigate some seriously haunted, seriously powerful religious locations.

The team travels for hours to Chavin, Peru, where archeologists are uncovering a pre-Incan temple that houses a stone that was believed to serve as a portal between the living and the next world.  There were several human sacrifices at the site, and judging by the smashes in the skull the killings were quite violent. The paranormal activity surrounding the place has only been increased by the archeological efforts and the workers are afraid.

A resident living nearby says he answered a knock on his door, only to have a terrifying figure in white command him to walk to the water.  When he arrived, the spirit vanished.  In the plaza of the temple, a worker saw a glowing woman floating in the air. In the Gallery of the Lanzon, where the sacred stone which represented God to them, security guards claim they saw a person over 9 feet tall wearing a white cape.  The team is determined to find out if the spirits are somehow related to the stone.

When Kris and Barry investigate the rock, Kris says she thinks the paranormal would be more likely from the sacrificial alter rather than the stone. Exactly then the Geo-meter starts spontaneously freaking out and they hear a moan. They can't figure out why!

In the graveyard, Susan, Joe Chin and Scott spot something running around the woods and some whitish-grey mass climbed the wall.  Freaky! Let's hope the equipment picked it up!  As Kris and Barry take a turn they notice something moving all about around them!  They hear unusual noises, but can't see anything.  Barry concludes that the figure he had seen was the brushes in the moonlight.

At the stone, Joe and Scott find a small tunnel that was recently dug.  Joe hears whispers and footsteps and Scott hears a moan. The most amazing evidence comes from the recording device Barry and Kris placed on the stone. The audio footage is clearly a heartbeat…coming from a rock?  What??? The team concludes that there is no reason to feel danger, but the locals should be aware that their experiences have been validated.

Next, the team moves to Lima, Peru and the Plaza de Acho- a bullfighting ring built in 1756.  Juan Suarez died there and supposedly haunts the ring.  People see shadow figures and noises particularly around tunnel 9, and the activity has increased as the Plaza is preparing for a large bull riding exposition.  In the ring, people hear the breathing and hooves of a bull when no bulls are around.  In the infirmary where Juan died, people see shadows.
Susan and Paul start out with an EVP session in the arena and Paul sees someone in the upper levels.  He gets into full sprint trying to find the person, but there is no one there.  In the infirmary, Kris and Barry hear strange noises and in tunnel 9, Joe and Scott get creeped out but don't find anything of importance. Joe feels strange, like he's off balance, so perhaps the ghost is trying to reach him.  Barry and Kris hit the bullring and hear hooves running.  Later on, the team finds that audio footage proved that a train passing nearby was responsible for all the hoof noises.

The verdict is that there won't be any paranormal danger for participants in the upcoming bullfight.

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