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Haunted Village
Season 1 - Episode 104
Haunted Village
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Location: Pluckley Village, England

The team arrives in Pluckley Village, listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as "Europe's most haunted village." Their first stop is at the Black Horse Inn where owner Kevin Savidge gives them a tour, pointing out where people saw ghosts, including those of Will the Bailiff and a 7-year-old girl who was murdered.

Robb Demarest directs the team to place their EMF devices all around, to act as detectors, officially launching the investigation.

In the bar, Andy Andrews and Robb use a thermal imager to determine that reported cold spots likely were caused by leaks around the Inn's old door. Then the EMF detector rings out. Later, Barry FitzGerald and Brian Harnois stake out the bar with their EVP recorders. Barry feels a pressure on his shoulders, as if he's being pushed back into his chair, and again the EMF goes haywire.

Barry concludes that Will's ghost is challenging the team. Donna LaCroix and Shannon Sylvia enter the bar and ask questions, which appears to provoke responses that are detected by the EMF reader. They report that of the 50 or so questions the team asked, they received 40 replies.

When Barry and Robb study the fireplace, where the little girl allegedly was seen, they don't detect much of anything.

The team studies the recordings. Nothing comes up on the digital video recordings. Still, everyone buzzes over their shared EMF experiences. Listening to the audio recordings, they notice a sound immediately after Barry asks, "Are you playing games?" Andy is convinced that the word they hear in reply is "Perhaps."

The team finds nothing near the fireplace.

Robb and Andy meet with Kevin and review the findings. After explaining away the cold spot, they show Kevin the footage of the EMF devices reacting to comments and questions posed by the GHI team. Kevin agrees that "perhaps" might be the response the team recorded.

They tell Kevin that Donna's research with the village historian turned up no evidence of any girl having been murdered at the inn. Based on the team's experiences, however, Robb is ready to declare the inn haunted.

Loation: Elvey Farm — England

Farm manager Simon Peek gives the team a tour of the farm, which was built in 1406, and its surroundings, including the famed Screaming Woods.

That night, in the guest suite, Robb stands inside; Andy goes outdoors, to a parallel dirt road, and shines a flashlight through the curtained window, replicating the orbs that people claim to have witnessed. The duo next heads out to the barn and uses their infrared scanner to seek the source of scratching sounds that have been reported. Sure enough, they find multiple rats in the barn.

Up in the guest room, Donna and Barry make EVP recordings but note nothing unusual.

The real curiosity proves to be the Screaming Woods, which has been the source of many paranormal reports. Robb and Andy first go in and hear footsteps and the screams, but nothing registers on their thermal device. Later that night, Donna and Shannon enter the woods and hear loud, approaching footsteps. Barry and Brian hear a laughing sound, as if a spirit is mocking them. Worse, they get lost, and Robb and Andy need to use the thermal device to locate them and lead them out.

The study of the audio recordings provides a copy of the scream that the women had heard. After the study was complete, the team heads out for some rest and relaxation at famed Sherwood Forest, too tempting an attraction to be missed.

Robb and Andy sit with Simon and debunk the orbs and the barn sounds. The ghostly voice of a man saying "I Will," which had been reported by farm guests in the past, was not heard by the team nor picked up on any of its recordings.

As for the woods, the screaming that was heard perfectly matches the cry made by a vixen, a female wolf. And the laughing matches a cry from a local bird. Robb admits he can't rule out paranormal activity, but he hasn't found enough hard evidence to persuade him, either. Simon is disappointed that the GHI team can't validate the experiences of his guests.

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