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Fortress of Fear
Season 1 - Episode 105
Fortress of Fear
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Location: Romania

An excited GHI team arrives in the Transylvania section of Romania, ready to investigate Citadel Rasnov, high in the mountains. The snow makes it difficult to drive, and they wind up walking up the last section of road with their equipment.

During the night, Andy Andrews gets a call: his wife has gone into labor! He leaves the team and rushes back to America. The next day, the remaining team members meet with manager Ciprian "Chip" Moruzan, who briefs them on Citadel Rasnov's history.

That night, Robb Demarest, Brian Harnois and Barry FitzGerald begin the investigation at the front gate, trying to record some EVP. Barry speaks in both English and German to coax a response from any apparitions.

At the Pentacle Tower, Shannon Sylvia and Donna LaCroix try to capture EVP, and they shoot some digital photographs. After a few shots, Sylvia's camera loses battery power, a frequent sign of paranormal activity.

Inside the citadel's museum, Robb, Barry and Brian also make EVP recordings and see a shadow. Further investigation shows that a light source through a window bounces off the walls, creating shadows that can be mistaken for apparitions.

Later, in the same place, Sylvia and Donna try to convince Max, the citadel's dog, to come inside. Normally, the dog will come inside but go only so far, and they want to replicate the action. Tonight, however, Max won't even enter the building.

To explore the deep well, Brian volunteers to rappel down, considering it a "once in a lifetime" opportunity. He finds debris, including bones — possibly those of the two prisoners who spent 17 years digging the well, only to lose their lives rather than be granted their freedom. He makes some EVP recordings and feels cold breezes blow in response to some of his questions.

Inside the museum, Shannon and Donna's differing approaches to EVP work causes stress between them. Each feels the other is not showing the proper respect.

Within the chapel, Barry, now paired with Shannon, tries more EVP work. As he goes downstairs, Barry peers through the crack in a door and thinks he sees a pair of legs. A loud cracking sound scares the investigator, who clambers back up the stairs.

Later, Robb, Donna and Barry go back to examine the site further. They try to replicate the experience. Because the door is locked, they decide the only way to see what's inside the room is to look in from the outside.

They go outside and walk around the building, only to discover that they will have to scale a hill of snow to reach a ledge that might get them to the window. Angry at Barry for being spooked, Donna grits her teeth and trudges up through the deep snow, but at the top she finds that the ledge won't provide them with the vantage point they need.

Calling it a night, Robb is thrilled at how Brian and Donna both stepped up to help the team. Back at their inn, though, Robb sits Shannon down to discuss her personality clash with Donna. He counsels her on keeping focused on the team's work and its results.

Barry, Brian and Shannon sift through the many hours of recordings and come up with a few sound bites. They're interesting but in a foreign tongue. Unfortunately, there's no video evidence of any paranormal activity.

The team is surprised, however, to receive a video feed from America, where Andy checks in and shows off his newborn daughter, Avis May.

Robb invites Donna to accompany him for the meeting with Chip. Robb explains that they could not obtain evidence that proves one way or the other many of the sightings that have been reported by visitors to the citadel. However, some of the GHI team did have their own personal encounters, and that's significant.

They then play the two audio clips. The first is from the museum, in response to a question from Robb. In Romanian, a voice says "poftim," which Chip translates as, "Sorry, say that again."

The second audio clip is from the Pentacle Tower and is a response to a question from Donna. The question, posed in English, was, "Who are you?" The Romanian word recorded in reply was "bine," which means "good." The team speculates that the spirit might have misunderstood the question.

Finally, Donna's historical research disproves the legend of the two workers who were condemned to death after digging the well.

Robb declares Citadel Rasnov as having significant paranormal activity, but he stops short of calling it truly haunted.

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