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Headless Haunting
Season 1 - Episode 106
Headless Haunting
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Location: Orava Castle, Slovakia

The GHI team arrives in Slovakia to become the first to investigate Orava Castle, where the classic silent film Nosferatu was shot. Upon arrival, they meet with Peter Palka, a local historian, who guides them through the structure.

The investigation begins in the Torture Room as Andy Andrews and Robb Demarest use infrared imaging to search for the paranormal. While nothing registers on screen, they hear a door knob rattling. Going to the door, they pick up a heat signature by the knob but no evidence of anyone being nearby.

Within the oldest section, the citadel, Barry FitzGerald and Brian Harnois try EVP work. Both men see a shadow moving through the area with them, and something touches Barry on the forearm. Later, hoping to spot the apparition, Andy and Robb record thermal images but see nothing. Andy hears a noise below them, and the thermal recorder finds a trail of unidentifiable marks that Andy thinks might be footprints. Robb isn't convinced; he calls them "odd energy."

Within the museum, Brian and Shannon Sylvia study the area. Almost immediately, something whacks Brian on the arm. Shannon is somewhat spooked and says, as the least experienced member of the team, she's struggling to make every effort to contribute. She then sees a shadow moving about, and Brian accuses it of playing games with them.

In the taxidermy room, Barry and Donna LaCroix make EVP recordings, and she feels a tug on her jacket. Both see unexplained moving shadows, and Donna swears that something like a hand thrust itself in front of her eyes and then vanished. Things are "coming alive," says Barry, who thrives on the encounters.

Climbing the 1,462 steps to the top of the citadel, Andy and Barry place EMF meters to track the roaming shadows. At one point, there is a noticeable spike in activity, but neither man knows if it was a sign.

Barry, Brian and Shannon review the recordings and find some EVP clips, including two responses that sound like they might have been spoken in Russian.

The team reconvenes and compares their personal experiences before digging into the research results. While the thermal readings are deemed inconclusive, the audio clips fascinate Robb. In one recording, in response to a question from Donna, a voice is heard to say, "I know."

Sitting with Peter, Robb and Andy explain their process. They then play the audio clips for him, without comment. Peter confirms that he hears "I know." The second word is identified as "Dohzon," the name of the husband of the White Lady, an apparition whose arm was cut off by the man. For the final clip, Robb is heard asking "Do you want us to stay here?" and seconds later, a voice says, "Nyet," Russian for "no."

Robb assures Peter that there is most definitely paranormal activity in Orava Castle.

Location: Reichenstein Castle, Germany

The team's next stop is Germany's Reichenstein Castle which was built in the 11th century. Caretaker Sandor Schmitz gives the team a tour while telling them the legend of Dietrich, lord of the castle, whose head was cut off. His decaptitated ghost is said to still haunt the structure, searching for its head.

At night, Robb and Andy start in the billiard room. They perform a thermal sweep and find nothing. Andy climbs to the top of the castle, where he finds nothing but a breathtaking view.

In the ancestors room, the two men set up a pair of EMP meters to try and detect spirits. They're joined by Donna and Brian, who make EVP recordings. Andy hears a noise, and Donna sees a white mist move about the room. Next, Andy feels the mist pass behind his back, and then he is tapped on the shoulder, although no one else is near enough to have touched him.

Upstairs, in Olga's bedroom, Shannon and Donna run EVP recorders. Donna smells a faint perfume. She can't find its source. Shannon notices the fragrance, as well, and they both are mystified.

While most of the team had personal experiences during the investigation, none of the audio or video recordings reveal anything. Robb reminds them all that personal experience is not enough. They need empirical evidence.

When Robb and Andy meet with Sandor, they explain how they managed to debunk a few things, starting with sounds that people have heard. They determined that sound travels very easily through the old building; consequently, the source might be rooms away, causing people to suspect supernatural origins. Furthermore, Robb notes that the configuration of the rooms causes light sources to cast unusual shadows.

The review of their recordings turned up no evidence of paranormal activity. Sandor is pleasantly surprised and looks forward to being able to tell prospective visitors that the castle has been certified as safe and not haunted.

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