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Frankenstein's Castle
Season 1 - Episode 107
Frankenstein's Castle
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Location: The Castle Frankenstein, Germany

The GHI team is thrilled to be joined by Destination Truth host Josh Gates for their visit to the Castle Frankenstein in Germany. En route, Donna explains the castle was constructed 12 centuries earlier and fell into disuse in the 19th century. Mary Shelley's famous horror novel, Frankenstein, was based on the actual exploits of Konrad Dipple Von Frankenstein, an alchemist who performed experiments on dead bodies that he exhumed.

At the castle, the GHI investigators meet with Frankenstein expert Walter Scheele. He guides Robb Demarest, Andy Andrews, Brian Harnois and Josh through the castle and discusses its various legends and sightings. Tales of the castle include that of Anne Marie, a nude ghost who seeks her dead boyfriend, and the spirit of Von Frankenstein himself, who is said to be lurking about.

Brian shows Josh how they set up the technical equipment for each investigation. Once Robb approves the layout, the lights go out, and the investigation begins.

In Anne Marie Tower, Donna LaCroix, Barry FitzGerald, and Josh make EVP recordings with an ultrasonic digital recorder. Josh notes that when seeking EVP, he prefers to leave the recorder in place and not speak. Still, when prodded by the GHI team, he gamely asks questions to provoke a response.

At the Chapel, Andy, Robb and Josh also do EVP work but hear nothing. Later, Donna and Shannon Sylvia are in the Chapel when Shannon hears a gasp and Donna sees a shadow moving directly behind her. To follow up, Robb and Andy return and see a shape outside the window. They head outside to see a 40-foot drop under the window — nothing could have been standing in that place.

Robb, Andy and Josh study the entrance tower, where bad people were said to be pelted by rocks thrown by invisible assailants. Andy finds a pipe, shimmies up to the next level, and walks about. He sees that bits of concrete have fallen near the edges on the upper levels, and a good wind could easily tumble smaller pieces over the side to hit people below.

Back in the chapel, Barry lights candles in order to create a more hospitable environment. When he and Donna see a flash of light, however, he quickly blows out the candles. Donna feels something heavy in the air, and again something passes by her.

Later, Andy joins Donna in the chapel for a third EVP session, feeling the spirits might be more comfortable with her now. As they talk, the two hear the heavy door handle being jiggled. They rush outside and see no one, so Andy uses their walkie-talkie to have everyone check in with their position. No one has been near the door. Testing the handle, he deems it too heavy to have been moved by wind.

Brian and Josh head out to Von Frankenstein's secret laboratory, where Josh finds Brian's irreverent style somewhat refreshing, compared to the more serious demeanor of the other team-members.

Robb tells the team to regroup and pack up.

Before sorting through the evidence, the GHI team and Josh tour Possman's Brewery, where apple wine is made in giant tanks that previously had been used in World War II-era submarines. Josh notes how important it is to know about the local culture as a part of any investigation.

After discussing their copious personal experiences, the team turns to the audio and video evidence. Brian says the cool air fogged the digital-camera lenses, so they have only EVP evidence to analyze.

Sounds from the chapel and the entrance tower sound like words, but not in English. The tower EVP sounds unhappy. The ultrasonic recorder picked up something in the chapel, but because no one on the team can identify it, Robb rules against presenting it as evidence.

Robb invites Josh to join him and Andy for the reveal. An eager Walter Scheele listens to the team's report, and confirms that he, too, has had such encounters.

The first EVP sound is identified as a phrase in Old German that means "Arbo is here." Walter explains that "Arbo" probably means Arbogast, the first knight of the castle, pretty much announcing his presence and claim over the land.

The second clip is also in Old German and means "Come here." Walter explains that it is a friendly invitation and might be Konrad Dipple Von Frankenstein responding favorably to the team's entreaties.

Walter, who wanted to believe in the spirits, now has the evidence that makes him very happy about the work that has confirmed his beliefs. He thanks the team for their work and invites them to return.

Robb declares that Castle Frankenstein has "significant" paranormal activity.

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