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Castle of the Damned
Season 1 - Episode 110
Castle of the Damned
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Location: Charleville Castle (Ireland) and Samlesbury Hall (England)

It's off to Ireland to explore the mysteries of infamous Charleville Castle. Built on the graves of people who were buried alive, and situated on an underground labyrinth, Charleville Castle was once rumored to be the scene of devil worshipping and ritual human sacrifice.

Countless spirits allegedly wreak havoc throughout the castle, and in this episode the team is among the first to face the storied ghostly inhabitants as they enter its only recently opened doors.

From there the team visits Samlesbury Hall in Samlesbury, England. Home to a cavalcade of gruesome deaths and suicides, Samlesbury Hall was a refuge for Catholic clergy in the 1500s.

But all were beheaded when discovered by occupying British troops. The drama didn't stop there, and the hall's future tenants faced an equally dreadful demise.

Not too surprisingly, Samlesbury Hall is known for apparitions and disembodied voices.

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