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Dracula's Castle
Season 1 - Episode 114
Dracula's Castle
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Location: Banffy Castle and Poienari Castle (Romania)

It's off to Romania's Banffy Castle, known as the Versailles of Transylvania. In it's prime, the castle was home to the Banffy family. Even with a war raging all around the castle, Miklos Banffy, refused to abandon his beloved home, and still makes his presence known today.

Then the team travels to Poienari Castle to visit the residence of Vlad the Impaler, better known as the legendary Dracula. Seeking refuge from the Turks, Vlad surrounded himself by a forest of snakes and other obstacles to keep his attackers (and anyone else) at bay. The Impaler's wife threw herself out of a window. Details of his own death remain sketchy enough to propagate legions of rumors. His spirit remains a constant presence, watching over his castle.

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