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The Grande Hotel
Season 1 - Episode 116
The Grande Hotel
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Location: Cambuquira, Brazil

While in Brazil, TAPS first investigated the Grande Hotel in Cambuquira, Brazil. Legend has it that a local priest cursed the town that the hotel resides in. The Grande Hotel is open for business, but guests tend to shy away from the location due to the frightening stories that surround the building. Apparitions of the restless souls are seen roaming the empty corridors and strange voices are regularly heard in the kitchen.

During the investigation both Dustin and Robb were in room 204 to conduct an EVP session and when asking the paranormal to make a knocking sound within the room, they received an immediate response. Then when Barry and new investigator, Robert, were in the dining room, they felt an unusual draft and as they were taking pictures on the full spectrum camera, they noticed that there was indeed an appearance of an apparition in there with them.

Eager to find answers about the mysterious hotel, Angela and Robb thought they'd seen a figure in the laundry room where legends of an aggressive spirit is allegedly seen. However, once they did further investigating, they discovered that it was nothing more than the tree casting a shadow across the walls from outside.

Two of the most shocking discoveries that were made during TAPS's night at the Grande hotel, were the findings of a man's image moving towards them on the DVR recorder and the image they picked up on their full spectrum camera of a woman and her child walking together in the kitchen.

Upon critically analyzing their findings, the group concluded that the Grande Hotel, is in fact haunted.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

After completing their work at the Grande Hotel, the team headed to Apa street's Little Castle. Fearful members of the surrounding community adamantly avoid the castle and claim to have seen apparitions of young Alvaro, the son of the aristocratic Reis family. Alvaro is said to have murdered his entire family within the estate. Visitors of the castle have claimed that they've heard the chilling voices of the Reis family echoing in the supposedly abandoned hallways.

During the investigation Angela, Dustin and Robb all teamed up to look through the room where the murders occurred. They weren't able to pick up anything on the thermal imaging camera, but Brandy — ever persistent tried to speak to the paranormals in Portuguese. Similarly, both Brandy and Barry worked together to get answers from the spirits by speaking in Portuguese. Yet still, none of the investigators were able to find out any information. At one point, the team joined together to complete the investigation of every single room together. They made full use of every peice of equipment they had in order to leave no corner of the space un-investigated, which would prove to be productive later.

When doing their final analysis of the Castle, the team found that they'd picked up a spirit saying the phrase "Eduardo" on the EVP recorder. After researching the case even further, Dustin found that Eduardo might have been another person involved in the murder case of the Reis family.

And although, TAPS was able to recover this bit of information, they felt that it was not enough to deem the castle as haunted.

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