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Trekroner Fort
Season 1 - Episode 117
Trekroner Fort
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

The international ghost hunters answered the call of a local Denmark investigative team, who needed help deciphering whether or not the historic Trekroner Fort in Copenhagen is haunted. The battles of Copenhagen in 1801 and 1807 were fought at this fort, and during each war; many soldiers died on the grounds. Presently the spirits are still suspected to lurk around in search of the unknown.

During their investigations, the group made some interesting findings, such as the moment when Robb and Angela got two high "spiked" reactions on their the EMF detector while in the basement. Amazingly, they were able to ask the paranormal a question and then receive an answer, via the high reads on the EMF, directly after — as if the spirit was having a conversation with them. This helped them conclude that there was in fact a paranormal in their presence and that it was willing to cooperate with them.

As Barry searched through the bunker area of the fort, he asked the spirit if it wanted to be left alone. Then, later on, while reviewing the team's evidence, he heard on the recorder, that the spirit had replied to him earlier by making a loud noise that sounded like a howl.

And while Brandy and Robb conducted an EVP session in one of the rooms they were able to pick up the sounds of distinct footsteps, which is concrete evidence that the Copenhagen team had always wished to have.

Ultimately, the hunters were able to assist the Denmark investigators by providing them with substantial evidence and give them new leads for conducting future investigations.

Location: Lima, Peru: Casa Garland

While in Peru, the team sought answers as to whether or not Casa Garland, a family house, was haunted.

All of the team members had interesting experiences while investigating the large house, but they didn't necessarily end up with the results that they anticipated.

Robb and the local investigator Paul began searching in the courtyard and thought they heard a loud noise outside. Then Brandy and Dustin did an EVP session in the upstairs children's room. While questioning the paranormal both heard a thud come from the adjoining room behind Brandy. Later on Barry and Angela tried to reenact the scene of the family's photo that allegedly shows the grandfather's apparition in the background.

Yet, after all of their thorough investigations, the team concluded that many of the happenings in Casa Garland, were coincidental. For example, the loud thud heard by Brandy and Dustin was nothing more than the family house cat in the other room, and the noise heard in the courtyard was caused by general noises from outside. And lastly, the spirit the family thought they saw in the picture was merely a reflection of light hitting the glass at a certain angle in the shot.

The team's final conclusion was that they did not have enough sound evidence to say that the home is haunted.

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