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Dragholm Castle
Season 1 - Episode 119
Dragholm Castle
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Location: Sealand, Denmark

The Ghost Hunters International team traveled to Denmark to uncover the truth behind paranormal activities at the Dragholm Castle. Various legends surround the location, including one story that entails the princess being buried alive in the walls by her father - who was enraged that she had fallen in love and gotten pregnant by a local peasant. In more recent times, the apparition (presumed to be the broken hearted princess) of a woman has been seen roaming the halls of the castle.

To begin the investigation, Justin and Barry decided to conduct an EVP session near the wall where the princesses' skeletal remains were kept. And although they attempted to sympathize with her situation by saying, "how sorry they were that she died like that" they didn't get a solid response from the apparition.

However, Joe and Brandy had far more intense results in the dungeon. When completing their analysis of the area, Joe felt a sharp sting on his arm, which later proved to be a bite mark of some sort. The aggression of the castle's apparitions didn't end there —while conducting an EVP session in the King's Room, Robb asked the apparition whether or not something bad was going to happen to Angela, and in response they heard a faint knock.

Not to be left out of the experience, Dustin and Barry conducted another EVP session in the game room. In order to get a reaction out of the spirit whom was known to have been religious, they removed the cross from off the wall. Dustin placed the cross on the table and shortly after Barry could feel the chair next to his leg vibrating. Sensing that they may have angered the spirit, Barry instructed Dustin to return the cross to the wall.

Ultimately, though the team found a great deal of evidence they were not able to conclusively decide that the castle is haunted. At best, they ruled that there were in fact strange happenings at the location. However, these incidents were based too strongly on personal experience rather than factual evidence.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil)

In Rio de Janeiro the team investigated the Jose Bonifacio Cultural Center, which was constructed in 1877 and built on a slave burial ground. Many witnesses from the community have reported hearing the voices of the disturbed souls and the footsteps of people that are nowhere to be found. The center is allegedly haunted by a disgraced former Admiral for the Brazilian Navy because of the center's emphasis on African related history.

To begin their observation, investigators Angela, Dustin and Robb conducted an EVP session on the steps of the center, and while they presumed they heard footsteps above them, they were able to debunk that it was nothing more than their own weight shifting on the steps that was creating the creaking noises.

More false alarms ensued while Robb, Angela and Brandy conducted an EVP session in the courtyard walkway. While it appeared that when questioning the spirit they heard a hissing noise, this noise was in fact coming from a cat outside.

Having more acoustical issues, Dustin and Barry noticed sounds coming from the attic, which they presumed where chains, but later on found that it was the result of audio matrixing and not the actual presence of apparitions.

The team's final conclusion was that the cultural center is not haunted, but rather just a large building with outstanding acoustical properties that causes visitors to believe they hear more than what actually meets the ear.

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