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Ghosts in the City of Lights
Season 1 - Episode 122
Ghosts in the City of Lights
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Location: Bordeaux, France

For their first investigation, the team researched the Chateau Lagorce, which was once home to many wealthy noblemen throughout the 19th century and was later seized by the Germans during World War II. The owner recalls seeing a shadow move across the wall and other guests have reported hearing voices throughout the building.

To ensure that no part of the chateau was left unmonitored, Barry set up multiple cameras to record all angles of the house. Joe and Robb began their investigation in room nine, the room in which the report of an angry male spirit yelled, "Get out!" . The two investigators ran into a series of technical difficulties while in this room. The timer on Robb's camera failed to work and his walkie-talkie began to make strange noises. Then Joe's flashlight stopped working, leading both men to believe that they were not alone in the room.

Meanwhile Barry and Angela were investigating in bedroom number 10 across the way from Joe and Robb. Angela conducted the EVP session while Barry attempted to run the full spectrum thermal camera and mini DVD. Yet the two also ran into technical difficulties as the battery in Barry's camera suddenly died, although he had just replaced it moments before they began their research.

Later on, investigators Brandy and Angela ran an EVP session in the chateau's caves. During their time there Brandy started feeling a strange coldness in her hands that they would later find out was caused by a presence in the cave — invisible to the human eye.

Then, rather than returning to another location at the end of their night, the team spent slept at the chateau to get the full extent of what some guests of the residence have experiences.

True to legend, the paranormals showed the ghost hunters no mercy throughout the night. Angela awoke to the feeling of something extremely heaving pressing in on her chest and Barry was able to capture the presence of a white florescent shadow on his wall. All of this paired with the evidence they'd gathered during the day, lead the team to decide that the Chateau Lagorce is haunted. There analysis showed that the problems Robb and Joe were having in room number nine were not flukes. Their recorder actually picked up a voice saying "this is mine". Also, during Barry and Angela's EVP session in room 10, the digital voice recorder also picked up a voice saying his name is "Pierre" in response to the question that Angela asked it.

In all, the current owner of the chateau learned that he did in fact have more residents living on his property than he imagined.

Location: Paris, France

Next, the investigators headed to the Paris Underground, which is reportedly known for its paranormal activity. According to Christopher Spence, the Underground researcher, the area was once used as a monk's monastery known as the Capucins Quarries. It was widely reported that they would see a green mist and then hours later someone from the group would die.

Throughout the Underground's history, numerous mineworkers were also killed will digging through the tunnel systems. Dwellers got so superstitious about the area that they started drawing crosses on the walls and ceilings.

The team was immediately out of their element. The Underground was the darkest place that the investigators had ever researched and they were unable to use any of their DVR equipment because there was no power in the tunnels. Moreover, since the bricks made for an extremely isolated environment, they were unable to use their two-way radios.

Braving the low ceilings and pitch-black tunnels Robb and Dustin paired up to use the thermal imaging camera in the main chamber. But the lack of air movement conditions made the camera useless. Then, in another section of the tunnel Joe and Angela let intrigue get the better of them and they got lost while trying to track noises that sounded like footsteps. Later, Barry and Robb met up to investigate the Chemin Des Catacombes area where they thought they heard a scream. But upon further investigation they saw that they were standing near a manhole cover that was allowing the noises from the street above to echo down to them.

After debunking all of the evidence they gathered, the investigators conclusively decided that the specific area they were researching was not haunted. Although there were some eerie instances, there was not enough conclusive evidence to lead them to believe that paranormals were present.

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