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Witches Castle
Season 2 - Episode 204
Witches Castle
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Location: Moosham Castle, Unternberg Austria:

The team arrives in Austria for the first time to investigate the eerie Moosham and Schloss Porchia Castles. First up, is the Moosham Castle, which was built in the 13th century by the Mooshimmer. Moosham Castle was allegedly a torture site during history's bloodiest witch trial. When the archbishop made accusations of witchcraft against certain women it was off with their— well, yeah, you know where we're headed (no pun intended!)...

The site is now used as a museum but old spirits die hard. The current owner Theresita Wilczek, explains to the team that the Room of Toni, the quarters belonging to the man who was responsible for imprisoning people, is still haunted by his presence. A museum visitor claims to have had a conversation with Toni in this room.

Barry and Dustin start by conducting an EVP session in the haunted room where they boldly question the archbishop and to their surprise, he responds! Well, sort of. They hear banging noises in the spinning room and when Barry reaches for the door it unexpectedly jolts open on its own. Meanwhile Rob and Brandy conduct an EVP session in Toni's room and hear footsteps coming from a seemingly empty walkway outside the room. Guess, ole' Toni is still hanging around after all.

Joe and Ashley find out that paranormals have no concept of personal space when they investigate the Torture Chamber. Ashley hears a breath and later feels someone run their fingers along the back of her knee. Then Joe feels a hand gently touch him on the small of his back. More than the two hunters bargained for? We'd say so.

After the investigation, the team does an in depth analysis of their findings. They learned that, the digital recorder in the Torture Chamber picked up two voices, one whispered, "It's me." and the other said "Horst", which is a German male name. The images that Dustin and Barry took with their full spectrum camera in the room near the clock tower revealed an image of a man sitting in the chair. The team's verdict is that Moosham Castle is indeed haunted. But have no fear, they believe that these ghosts aren't out for blood.

Location: Schloss Porcia, Spittal An Der Drau, Austria

Still high off the success of the investigation at the Moosham Castle, the team takes on the Schloss Porcia. The Porcia Castle was built in 1533 by the Salamanca dynasty and was purchased in the 1950s by the government to be used for a variety of purposes. The mayor, police department and caretaker have all had personal experiences with paranormals on the property. The most chilling legend surrounds Katharina, the last of the Salamanca family, who is said to have killed a worker with a wooden shoe. And they say good help is hard to find. To date, people claim to see Katharina roaming the castle's halls at night.

To kick things off, Dustin and Robb begin with an EVP session in the Counts Room where Katharina's murderous act took place. Dustin and Robb threaten to steal her jewels, which were allegedly hidden in the castle. Neither ghost hunters were able to get a rise out of her, but something tells us that this isn't the last we've heard from Katharina. We advise Dustin and Robb to walk softly along the castle's halls and carry a big stick while investigating!

The investigation takes an interesting turn while Barry and Ashley are surveying the third floor. Ashley feels vibrations on the floor and Barry hears creaking sounds. They presume that the noises are coming from Dustin and Robb on the second floor but upon further analysis they realize that's not the case.

Joe and Robb follow up on Barry and Ashley's claims and find that the forces on the third floor aren't to be reckoned with. Joe and Robb sit at the opposite ends of a table, but the furniture mysteriously shifts by itself. Then, the same invisible culprit gives the hunters the fright of their lives by making an unexpected crashing sound over their heads. Yikes!

When the investigation is completed the team heads back to Central Commands. After pouring over the evidence, they are able to debunk the mysterious pictures of paranormal taken by the caretaker and other Schloss Porcia workers taken around the castle. While they believe that many of the incidents are coincidental, they can't deny the frightening sounds they heard while on the third floor. The verdicts still out on this one, but for now the team will say that there is some sort of paranormal activity occurring in the castle.

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