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Spirits of Italy
Season 2 - Episode 205
Spirits of Italy
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Location: Malaspina Castle, Fosdinovo, Italy:

This week, the GHI team heads to Italy for a pair of palace investigations. The first takes them to Fosdinovo, Italy, location of Malaspina Castle. Built in the 11th Century, the structure has been owned by one family for hundreds of years. Pietro, the latest in the line of owners, shows the team around to sites in which visitors have seen shadows, heard screams, and witnessed poltergeist activity like drawers opening and closing on their own.

Of particular note is a dungeon in which a young girl who fell in love with a stablehand was imprisoned by her father, who wished to keep the lovers apart. Witnesses have reported seeing visions, shadows and images of a lady. Other hot spots within the castle include the Marquis' room, which contains a trap door leading to a dungeon, and a bedroom, in which Pietro's parents have heard strange noises. The team will get a special chance to investigate these occurrences, since they'll actually be spending the night in the castle.

Once the investigation gets underway, the best results are found in the prison in which the young girl was kept. First, Robb and Ashley hear noises there. Then, Robb decides that a young girl's spirit might respond to another young female, so he leaves Ashley in the room alone with an electromagnetic field (EMF) detector. Ashley calls out to the girl's ghost, and is rewarded with EMF movement in direct response to her inquiries.

The official investigation over, everyone retires to their rooms. Robb tucks in, but before he does, he asks if the spirits are OK with him being in the room...and analysis shows that he got a response! Both the GHI team and Pietro believe they hear the word "No" in the EVP recording. Based on this and Ashley's EMF encounter, Robb feels confident telling a shaken Pietro that Malaspina Castle is haunted.

Location: Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy:

That settled, the team moves on to its second case, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Italy. Once a seat of government, the palace has a long and bloody history of political intrigue. In addition to the murder of various government officials, some notable names were imprisoned there. Among them was violinist Nicolo Paganini, whose music is still heard reverberating in the halls. Also heard are sounds of wailing and crying, and one artisan working on restoring a fresco reported hearing a voice telling her, "Good job."

The investigation begins, and almost immediately, the team starts hearing things. On further examination, however, alternate causes are found. Robb and Brandy hear a banging that turns out to be the sound of cooling halogen lamps, and Dustin and Ashley's basement exploration turns up nothing more than an overactive ice machine. Joe and Barry do hear some wailing or what sounds like a baby crying, but during analysis, a dissection of the sound file leads Barry to determine that it's just the wind and sounds of the city.

Ultimately, the bevy of alternate explanations leads to a verdict that the Palazzo Ducale is not haunted. Satisfied at a thorough investigation, Robb and the team drive off into the sunset, ready to face whatever the future holds.

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