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Quarantine Station
Season 2 - Episode 209
Quarantine Station
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Location: Sydney, Australia

It's time for the Ghost Hunters International team to get ill, as they head out to Sydney's Quarantine Station. Opened in 1833, the location served as an entry point for passengers in which the sick were separated from the well and kept under some fairly harsh conditions. Cases of plague, typhus, cholera, smallpox and Spanish influenza were all prevalent there, and many people died within the station's confines.

The team's liaison at the site, Caz Stokes, takes them on a tour of some of the locations in which paranormal activity has been reported. She opens with the showers, the first place sick people were brought and home to apparitions and disembodied voices. The hospital area and kitchen also have been hot spots, with apparitions actually interacting with tour guides and visitors. Unsurprisingly, the morgue has been home to a few encounters, and both the Third Class Dining Room and basement kitchen have been the site of apparitions.

The tour over, equipment is unpacked, and the lights go out.

Joe and Robb start out in the shower block and immediately begin to see and hear things, including a rattling door handle that both investigators pinpoint very clearly. Barry and Dustin spend some time in hospital area using a new 360-degree mic that allows Barry to hear responses in real time. Meanwhile, Brandy and Ashley are led into the basement by noises, and Brandy experiences a cold flash down one side of her body. Something is definitely going on at Quarantine Station.

Paul, however, has the most distinctive experience, conducting a solo investigation in which he lays on the morgue's slab and calls for the spirits to contact him. He hears feet shuffling outside but, upon investigation, discovers nothing that could have caused the sound. Returning to the morgue, he, too, experiences a temperature drop, that he characterizes as frigid and pervasively cold. As he was standing by the data loggers, he hopes the evidence will back him up.

The investigation is wrapped by Robb, and the analysis begins. The footsteps during Paul's solo investigation prove too faint to be conclusive, but Barry is able to isolate a woman's voice in the showers saying, "Paul." Barry also scores with a photograph of the exterior of the that Robb and Dustin agree, while reviewing evidence with Caz, clearly shows an apparition of a young boy. Caz is extremely satisfied that the team's findings have backed up her own personal experiences, and Robb does not hesitate to call Quarantine Station both an exciting place to investigate and most definitely haunted.

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