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Tasmanian Death Sentence
Season 2 - Episode 211
Tasmanian Death Sentence
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Location: Hobart, Tasmania

The team remains in Tasmanian legal system this week, visiting the Supreme Courthouse. Built in the 1800s, the building was first used as a prison where criminals were often sentenced to death by hanging. Curator Brian Rieusset leads a tour in which he details phenomena such as disembodied voices, apparitions and sightings in both the courtrooms and the execution yard. Among them is a woman named Ivy who manifests through the smell of her perfume.

It's time for lights out. The team gets to work with Robb, Joe, Ashley and Brandy giving Courtroom 1 a full sweep. An investigation of a door that supposedly opens on its own reveals no logical explanation for the movement, but nor is any paranormal activity detected. Robb picks up some imagery on his camera in the Execution Yard, but is unable to figure out exactly what it is.

Back in Courtroom 1, Dustin is playing judge, ordering the spirits of criminals to the bench. Barry thinks he hears a response, but is again unable to pinpoint it. This pattern of uncertainty continues into the analysis phase, in which some experiences - such as Robb's camera imagery, which turns out to be a shadow - proves definitely not paranormal, but others continue to defy explanation. Reporting back to Brian, the team is unable to produce any concrete evidence, but asserts that there are phenomena that remain unexplained.

Location: Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia

In this week's second investigation, the team travels - sans Brandy - to Malaysia to investigate a castle built by a Scottish immigrant for his family. Many Indian workers died in its construction, and visitors have reported manifestations of both these departed laborers and the owner and his family.Taj Yaacob, the Property Operator, leads the investigators on a tour of a second-floor corridor where lights have been seen, and even videotaped. In addition, spirits have been witnessed in a former bedroom and in the horse stables.

With no electricity in the building, there are no lights to put out - and also no DV cameras - so the team quickly gets to work. Robb and Ashley hear sounds of tapping in the second floor corridor, but are unable track anything down. Paul and Joe have difficulty investigating the child's bedroom thanks to the pervasive animal noises coming from outside. Only Barry and Dustin have any luck, when a foray into the horse's stables yields an inexplicable scent of incense.

Back in central command, the evidence is analyzed, with relatively disappointing results. EVP doesn't turn anything up, and a form in a photograph turns out to be a light reflecting against the wall. In addition, the videotape purportedly showing a moving light turns out to be an image of a bat shot in such a way that its eyes created a glowing trail. There's no explanation for the scent of incense in the horse's stables, but nor is there any concrete evidence to indicate that Kellie's Castle is haunted.

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