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Sweeney Todd
Season 2 - Episode 215
Sweeney Todd
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Location: Port Talbot, Wales

This week is a double-header, with the team starting at Margam Castle in Wales. They meet with Geraint Hopkins, a tour guide at the castle for roughly 20 years. They use his expertise to investigate the most active areas.

Paul and Brandy head to the castle's Chapter House, where they immediately hear a female voice saying, "Help me," but no one is around. Robb and Ashley investigate the Tapestry Room with nearly every piece of equipment at their disposal, and soon see shadows - an experience that corresponds with that room's reports.

The team seeks the spirit of Lady Emily Charlotte in her bedroom, but the investigators are surprised to hear a male voice, which they eagerly follow. The presence seems to lead them on, culminating in some shocking contact: Scott feels the pressure of three fingers on his leg.

Another hot spot is Mary's Church, a short walk away from the castle. Robb and Brandy begin an EVP session and soon hear some of the clearest activity in their experience. Ashley and Paul have a second look at the Chapter House, and while they believe they see and hear someone walking with them, they can't be sure. Robb sends her back with Barry to do an EVP session.

During analysis, Brandy catches someone saying his own name - Tom - which supports the claims of a monk by that name being seen. And in footage from the Tapestry Room, Barry finds the supporting evidence of glowing orbs in the darkness. While Brandy was taking photos of the Chapter House, she caught images of a strange figure of light.

Robb and Barry present these findings to Geraint, along with catches of what they believe are Lady Charlotte's footsteps, and what sounds like a monk saying, "Get out." Geraint is thrilled to have some verification of what he and others have suspected for so long.

Location: Colnbrook, England

Their next stop is the 900-year-old Ostrich Inn in England, which served as the inspiration for Sweeny Todd. Former owners the Jarmans killed over 60 people by getting them drunk, putting them to bed, then dropping them through a trap door in the bed into a vat of boiling oil below. The murders took place in the Blue Room, and Scott Malpass, the current manager, as well as many of his employees, have felt sickening feelings of unease in that room. In other parts of the inn, people have had the feeling of being strangled and of seeing apparitions and lights.

Paul and Robb start in the Blue Room, and hear evasive noises from the attic. They set up recording equipment in hopes of catching the flighty spirit. Barry, in the Manager's Flat, hears a murmur coming from the bedroom. Paul checks and is surprised to see someone sleeping in the bed. Barry asks him to make sure, and when he looks again, no one is there. Paul and Robb hear loud noises and get huge EMF fluctuations in the dining room.

Analysis is more fruitful in offering non-paranormal explanations, such as passing headlights instead of paranormal orbs of light, and high EMF fluctuations possibly explaining the shifts in mood that people have reported. Although the sighting of the foot is compelling, the question of whether the Ostrich Inn is haunted must remain open.

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