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Ghost Wars Episodes


When a horrific experiment goes wrong, a monster gets loose – and the hunt begins. Not everyone survives.

Hope for escape arrives in town. But she brings with her an agenda – and a price.

To escape the ghost realm, Jimmy must survive a realm no one has ever left before. Intact, that is.

As the ghosts start a full-blown war, a long buried secret could destroy the town’s last hope.

When a young girl goes missing in a haunted forest, enemies must rely on each other to find her.

As law and order begin to collapse, a ghost holds the key to an unsolved mystery that could offer some hope. 

When a young boy is possessed, the town must decide on an exorcism - or an even more dangerous fate.

The origins of the paranormal invasion are revealed. Whatever you thought, it’s much, much worse.

A means of escape offers hope for Port Moore, but vengeful spirits start a new chain of devastation.

An earthquake cuts off a remote Alaskan town from the rest of the world – and that’s when the ghosts attack.