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House Of Pain/Antique Spirits
Season 3 - Episode 12
House Of Pain/Antique Spirits
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Tonight, the Haunted Collector runs to Florida to help two separate families deal with their paranormal problems.

First, the activity at the 100-year-old home of Wesley Odom is out of control, including heavy footsteps, a red energy that tried to materialize, and an apparition of a woman in a dress. 

The house has a rich history:  socialite Wallace Simpson lived there during her first marriage though it was her second marriage that caught headlines. (England's Prince Edward gave up his claim to the throne so that he could be with her!)  There are unusual antiques around: military swords and armor, a Japanese clay hand grenade and a money counter that could have been used by an organized crime operation.

The first night of the investigation Jason and John uses a Polaroid to pick up unusual images.  Oddly, the picture of the military armor in front of the fireplace melted! They take another picture and the fireplace poker comes crashing to the ground.  Something is definitely going on here.  A digital recording also picks up a voice saying, "Win".  Win, what?!

Actually, "Win, who?" would be the better question.  Research reveals that Wallace Simpson's first husband was Earl Winfield Spencer, Jr. His nickname:  Win.  On the second night during an underwater EVP session they hear a woman sobbing when they ask, "Do you know Wallace Simpson?"

Clearly, the haunting has to do with Wallace Simpson. John calls in a historian who reveals that Wallace loved her husband Earl, but then he turned evil and beat her and tied her up in the bathroom.  Her soul MUST be attached to the house, so John performs a binding ceremony in the fireplace, which will calm her spirit and stop the paranormal activity.

Next, the team heads to Palmer House Antiques in Monticello.  Owner Joann Overly has had so much disturbing paranormal activity that she has had to close her business!  People have seen apparitions, felt tightness in their chests and heard loud footsteps.  And an effigy doll and carriage that moves from room to room on it's own!

Making this case extra rough is that the antiques shop is, by nature, filled with old items that could be carrying spirits.  Joann tells John that the building was built in the 1800's by a Dr. Palmer, and she had found a box of his special medicine- called 666. Oh, and Dr. Palmer committed suicide in the building.

The first night of the investigation something strange happens and the 666 bottle is suddenly emptied, and an antique bucket has liquid in it!  What caused that shift?  The mystery must surround this Dr. Palmer.

Aimee learns from a historian that there were actually two Dr. Palmers: the original who built the house and created the 666 cough syrup to treat a malaria epidemic in the town.  His nephew later lived there and was the town undertaker.  He also conducted cadaver experiments in the house until the day he fell down the stairs and died. 

Armed with this info the second night, the team focuses on medical questions.  Brian uses an AM frequency radio and asks Dr. Palmer if he did experiments and hears "Yes".   From the command center Chris sees something move.  It's a screw pull, and it is ORANGE on the thermal imaging camera. 

The next day, John brings the screw pull to an antiques expert where he learns it was used to make holes in human skulls- sometimes while they were alive!!  Joann agrees that John should take the object away.

She later reports that the activity has calmed enough that she could re-open the business, though that baby carriage is still moving…

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