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Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost
Season 1 - Episode 1
Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost
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It's the premier episode of Haunted Collector, the show that investigates the paranormal presences inside specific items that haunt people's lives. 

His children Chris and Aimee join John Zaffis, the lead investigator.  Investigator Beth and Brian, the "tech guy" also help out during the search. Then after hunt, the team takes haunted items from people's lives and put them in his home museum for safekeeping.


Jill in Louisiana, whose longtime family home is haunted to the point that tenants keep moving out.  Footsteps, voices and cold spots are the biggest concern for this visibly shaken client. Aimee heads out to do research, while the team sweeps the house with EMF detectors for base readings that they can compare to the readings they collect later.  Beth is NOT a psychic or a medium, but she is very sensitive.  She and John test the kitchen, where the cabinets were supposedly made using wood from an old church.  Haunted wood?  Perhaps. Beth uses a recording device and asks, "do you want the tenants to leave?" and the recording clearly responds "yes".  See! You CAN get evidence during the day. 

ALERT!  Aimee discovers the kitchen's wood in the kitchen is not from a church.  So the wood is not haunted. 

Night falls, and the thermal imaging cameras are detecting temperature changes that could indicate paranormal activity. The whole team gathers in the kitchen, and the thermal camera suddenly detects a massive cold spot on the floor!  Brian has to face possible snakes, spiders and critters under the house to see what could be causing the cold spot. Right below where the cold spot was, Brian digs out a strange leather box! Whoa!

Later they discover that's there's a gun in the box! The team wonders if this could be causing the haunting. The next day John brings the gun to a local expert and learns that it's an English service revolver that's over 50 years old. The expert says that the local hurricanes may have pushed the gun under the house.  When the team revels the evidence to the homeowner Jill, she is moved to tears to hear the audio recording say, "yes" in response to Beth's question. Then when she sees the gun, she is speechless and asks John to take the gun away.  Yet the paranormal activity in the house remains even when John takes the gun to his museum.  John promises to return to Lake Charles to further investigate again on a later date.

CASE # 2

John and the team visit a haunted library in Connecticut, where children are too afraid of ghosts to attend library programs.  Claims include a figure of a female on the stairs, a strange stove, voices in the office and basement and an old typewriter that "dings' on its own.  Aimee's off to conduct necessary research on the library while the rest of the team sweeps the house for EMFs.  While researching, Aimee learns that the library was once a private home for the Spencer family. The house was built for Richard Spencer's second wife, who later became disabled. 

Meanwhile, as the team investigates upstairs in the house, the EMF detectors go off the charts over the typewriter, but it has no electrical parts!  They monitor the area by hanging ropes from the ceiling to see if the ropes move. This is a trusty low-tech ghost detection method that John likes to use. During these trials, something taps on Beth's foot and won't stop, but after a night of testing, the team rules that they weren't able to find enough hard evidence to make any conclusions. Later, the team meets with Joanne Lockwood, an expert on antique typewriters. Joanne dates the machine found at the library back to 1914, which leads John and the crew to believe it could have been Mrs. Spencer's machine. If that's the case, she could very well be attached to that typewriter and therefore causing the odd occurrences in the library. 

And so off the typewriter goes to the John's museum. And sure enough, when he checks in three months later, John learns that the library has had no signs of the haunting since the typewriter's removal.  

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