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Haunted Inn/Long Live the Kings
Season 2 - Episode 2
Haunted Inn/Long Live the Kings
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In this episode, John Zaffis and his team of investigators take on two notoriously haunted homes-- a great way to continue the kick off of the new season.

The Hulbert House, a 200-year-old Inn in Boonville, NY, has a history of guests that check in but never check out…alive. In the 1970's, the 3rd floor of the building was closed off, but owner Eileen Esch reports that renovations on that floor have awakened some unhappy spirits. People have been pushed and shoved on the stairs and their hair has been pulled. Apparitions of a colonial woman and several children have been spotted. 

John is intrigued by some of the items in the hotel, including an Urn that once stored the ashes of a guest who died on the property.

The team's daytime sweep teams are: Jesslyn and John in the basement, Jason and Aimee and Chris on the 2nd floor and Brian on the 3rd floor. Immediately the crew captures a voice saying, "help me" in the basement and a moving energy cloud on the 3rd floor.

Aimee and Jason meet with the historical society, where they learn that there is no record of a little girl dying in the building. There were no recorded murders, though several natural deaths are on record. News of mafia activity during prohibition indicates there might be another angle to the activity reported.

That night, on the 2nd floor the shower turns on spontaneously several times and something pulls Aimee's hair. Chris digs a strange item out of the attic. It may explain some of these strange occurrences. That wraps the investigation.  

The next day, John learns that the mystery item is a Garrote, an improvised weapon used to strangle someone quietly…made popular by the mafia around 1900!  John reports the findings to Eileen, and she asks him to take the Garrote away.  Since the investigation, Eileen reports that there have been no further disturbances, so they can run their business in peace. Phew!

Off the team goes to the King House, the most haunted building in Mayport, Fl.
Homeowners Ed and Kay Hurst report that a woman in white is haunting their home.  Kay has been touched, a picture they found in the house continues to fall from the wall and they hear voices. A parrot speaks to a "Howard", when no one has spoken that name to it. The anxiety is too much for Kay to handle!

The daytime sweep captures footsteps in the widow's peak, and when Jess asks, "Did somebody hurt you in this house?" there is a massive bang!  

Jason and Aimee meet with Bill Reynolds, a King family historian, who believes there is evil in that house. It turns out there used to be a Howard Kane living in the house, and an Aunt Viola was pitchforked to death in the house and her body thrown in the river. Most people who came to the house died early or violently!

At night, the guys see a white mist moving in the camera. Brian checks the vents to see if it is dust floating in the air, and he finds a woman's locket! The next day, John brings the locket to an expert who says it was a lover's guest.  Kay and John throw the locket in the river hoping that it will calm the spirit of Viola. A follow up report shows that the woman in white is no longer haunting the house, but the parrot is still saying "Howard." Whoa.


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