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Hollywood Haunting/Gold Rush Ghost
Season 3 - Episode 10
Hollywood Haunting/Gold Rush Ghost
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This week the team heads to the famed Hollywood Hills of California for a brush with famous phantoms! Later, they travel to Columbia, California to investigate a gold-rush era hotel with modern paranormal problems.

First, the Hollywood Hills home of Joe Liebke once belonged to celebrities including Peter Lorre, Sydney Toler, Paul Williams and even Orson Welles while he was writing the famed film Citizen Kane.

Joe sees shadows and hears footsteps.  One time he heard footsteps walking up to his door, and noises like someone was trying to get in his room!  He dead bolted the door, but then the door was unlocked on its own!  And it seems something doesn't want him to show the movie Citizen Kane, because when he did all the electricity went out!

There are some interesting objects Joe found in the basement, including a blow gun and an old bust of Sydney Toler. 

On the first night of investigation, the team experiences equipment falling, footsteps and a bunch of pool cues falling over when John calls out to Orson Welles!  Could it be his ghost? 

A local Hollywood historian tells Jason and Aimee that while Orson was living in the house he was being accosted by newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst, who was outraged that Citizen Kane was going to be about him!  Such turmoil can stay with a soul long after the body is gone.

During night two of the investigation, the team uncovers a mysterious cigar box in the basement.  Inside is sheet music from about 1920.  A second historian informs John that Orson Welles' mom was actually a concert pianist, but she died when he was 9 years old.  After her death, the young boy lost all interest in music.  It could very well be that this hidden sheet music belonged to his mother, and so his soul is attached to it. 

Joe displays the sheet music publicly, per John's recommendation, and later reports that the paranormal activity has ceased.

The team moves on to the Fallon Hotel in Columbia, California- a town that was built during the gold rush and still maintains the look and feel of that era.  The front desk manager, Olivia Phillips, feels that a malicious spirit that's haunting the hotel is targeting her. She has been poked and prodded, and even pushed down the stairs. The encounters seem to be worse when she wears her re-enactment dress for town historic events. 

During the investigation, the team collects footage of movement in the bed, and an EVP session picks up the name "John".  A visit to a local expert reveals that during the 1850s a miner named John Smith once got into a drunken brawl with a woman named Martha Carlos.  Martha's husband shot Smith and killed him instantly.  John shows Olivia a photo of a woman who could well be Martha, and her resemblance to Olivia is way too close for comfort.  It could be that John's ghost is tormenting the young woman because he thinks she's Martha!

Olivia agrees to not wear her re-enactment garb in the hotel anymore so she won't provoke the angry spirit.   She later reports back that the paranormal activity has stopped.

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