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Seminary Spirits/Ghost Games
Season 3 - Episode 11
Seminary Spirits/Ghost Games
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The Madison Seminary in Madison Ohio has a long and storied past.  Sadly, the newest owners are being haunted by that past as they try to transform the building into office space for the future.

Owner Karyn is leading the restoration project of the Seminary, but invisible forces have hindered her that open and close doors, poke people and pull hair, and even struck her with what felt like a lead pipe. Many report seeing an apparition of a nurse and hearing a woman's scream. 

Though built as a Seminary, or boarding school, originally, the building also served as a retirement home for Civil War widows.  Later, it was converted to a mental institution that supposedly was shut down for inhumane practices.  That's surely going to stir up some ghosts!  Inside, there is a strange hospital-like chair that may have been used to restrain a mental patient back in the day.

During the investigation, John and Jess record a woman's voice saying "North".  That's strange.

Brian, Chris and Jason, meanwhile, track a squeaking noise to an old dumbwaiter, where they find an old piece of cloth. Just as Brian removed the cloth the old hospital chair seemed to be dragged across the floor!  It was in a completely different spot!  It could be that the haunting is related to the mental institution after all!

Information from a local historian leads the team to believe the haunting is not from the mental institution, but instead from a Civil War widow named Elizabeth Stiles who lived in the retirement home.  After watching a confederate soldier shoot her husband, Stiles became a spy for the Union. 

The next night John and Brian find a bundle of clothing hidden in a wall.  An antiques dealer informs them that it is a Civil War era bonnet and it has a secret pocket inside for hiding items.  The blouse, it seems, has bullet holes in it!  Whoa… Clearly, Elizabeth Stiles was into something dangerous!

Karyn allows John to return the clothing to descendants of Stiles, as she had requested in her will.  That puts an end to all the paranormal activity!

Next, the team heads to Elizabeth Bouvier's home in Massachusettes, where footsteps, loud banging and bizarre electrical problems are tormenting her and her children.  Elizabeth is convinced that it is a child's ghost running around her house, but her own children are so afraid they won't even sleep in their bedrooms!

There are several artifacts in the house, but most notable is a pendant Elizabeth found in the wall in the basement with a bone.  (NOT human, thank God!)

Evidence collected during the investigation include thermal image footage that appear to be tiny footsteps moving down the hallway- it's totally creepy!  And by looping a camera into a television screen Brian is able to pick up an image of a child's FACE in the pixels!  John and Jess find a second pendant in the basement wall and hear a voice say, "huckle, huckle".  What??

A local antiques dealer says that the pendant was a child's toy used for a game called… you won't believe this… "Huckle Buckle".

It's sad that maybe the child didn't finish his game.  So John puts the pendant in salt in his spirit museum so that the child's spirit can finally rest.  Thankfully, Elizabeth reports that the activity in the house has now ceased.  Phew!

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