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Cigar Bar Spirits/Child's Play
Season 3 - Episode 2
Cigar Bar Spirits/Child's Play
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The Haunted Collector and his brave companions delve into the paranormal activity at Stanza Dei Sigari, a cigar bar and café in Boston. 

The building has been in the family for two generations, but the paranormal activity seems to have ramped up since David Riccio, grandson of the original owner, took over and renovated the place. During the renovation, David found old tools, oil cans and other items.

Claims are that dishes fly, coffee gets knocked out of customers' hands and an antique coffee grinder- which is quite heavy-spins on it's own.  In the cigar room, a former speakeasy, fans spin out of control and lights flicker.  Workers are afraid to be on their own, as they've felt presence and seen shadow figures.  David himself had an unseen presence flick the light switch off and ring an antique bell in the room.

During phase one of the investigation John, Jesslyn and David call out to the spirits. They ask ,"Did something happen to you here?", and a female voice whispers, "Yes". By the dumbwaiter, Brian and Chris have a crazy experience and need to get the recording cleaned up ASAP.

The next day, Jason and Aimee learn that in the 1800s, the property where the café now stands was a baby farm.  Huh?  A baby farm?  Basically, it's an orphanage operated by an individual.  They also learn that a doctor once used the building for his practice and was accused of conducting unlawful procedures.  One of which resulted in the death of a woman. Hmmm.

For night two, Chris puts a monitor on the dumbwaiter to track any movement. In the cigar bar, Jason, Jesslyn and John were conducting an EVP session when something lashes across John's back.  Brian monitors a crazy electrical experience in the same area! Jason climbs the wall to where the sparks were flying and digs out a box of syringes!  Could they be Dr. Morelli's from the baby farm?

Further historical investigation finds that the atrocities that took place at the baby farm were horrific, with children being tied to chairs and infants dying of starvation.  THere was suspicion of poisoning babies with arsenic- possibly using the syringe!  David, of course, has John remove that syringe.  Since then, no activity has been reported at the cafe.

Next the team goes to Wappingers Falls, NY, where Julia Drahos suspects her 1870s house is haunted. The family hears voices, their names being called and even a child's voice in the house saying, "help me". They hear knocking and footsteps and have seen shadows and apparitions.

The house was built by descendants of the prominent Van Wyck family and one of their ancestors was known for housing the first American spy during The Revolutionary War.  Not helping the cause are the numerous antiques Julia has collected over the years, including a lock of a deceased child's hair and an old rocking horse made of real hair. Any of these items would be susceptible to haunting, making this job exceptionally challenging.

It seems the biggest activity is in the basement, where Brian and Chris pick up a voice saying, "find me", while Jason and Jesslyn experience a ladder falling over.

In the attic hallway, the team discovers that an antique casket plate is ice cold and has precipitation on it.  Research reveals the plate belonged to Lucy Perrin, who died in a fire in 1878.  John advises Julie that they should return the plate to Lucy's grave, which is in Connecticut, so that Lucy may finally cross over.

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