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Ghost Behind Bars/Haunted Brothel
Season 3 - Episode 3
Ghost Behind Bars/Haunted Brothel
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Team Haunted Collector must drink a lot of coffee because they certainly have been busy in Montana!

Julia Brewer, Director of Old Montana State Prison, reached out to John and the crew because she is desperate.  Employees and visitors of this historic site in Deer Lodge have experienced serious negative energy, including being choked, hearing men’s voices and Julia’s daughter being pushed into a maximum security cell by a door!  Terrifying!

Of course, this was one of the worst prisons in the U.S. in its day, known for horrible conditions, overcrowding and violence.  Many murders are on the record in the establishment, including the violent massacre of a deputy warden who was murdered by 2 prisoners.  The prisoners were undeterred after being shot, so the warden eventually beat them with the butt of a gun.  They were later hanged.  That gun is still in the prison!  Hmm, what energy does it hold?

Among the evidence collected is a Polaroid shot of a female apparition.  It turns out that the building was once a women’s prison!  On the second night they capture a female voice and John gets touched.  Jesslyn is terrified when she is locked in the showers alone with no light!

A local historian shows a photo of Lucy Cornforth, who had been imprisoned wrongfully for murdering her daughter.  Her photo matches that of the image in the Polaroid!  But John can’t pinpoint the activity to a single item so he gives Julie a framed photo of Lucy to hang in the prison to honor the woman’s sad life.  Perhaps that will give the spirit peace. 

Julie later reports that the activity in the building has decreased!

Next the team visits Travis, new owner of the Dumas Brothel in Butte, Montana, the longest running brothel in U.S. history.  It was the after-work stop off place for all the miners living alone out in the Wild West.  What a history! 

Travis is trying to convert the building into a hotel, but paranormal activity is hindering the renovations!  He is terrified because he has been touched, had mirrors fly off the wall and felt a strange presence.  His friend Kathleen, who saw an apparition, says she sensed a feeling of despair. 

It could be the spirit of a one -time madam who died in the master suite, or any of the working girls or Johns that used the establishment.  Among the strange items that could be carrying a spirit are a mask and many bottles.

On the first night, John and Brian see a small shadow moving.  Jason and Aimee find an old love letter in a dresser drawer (addressed to Sarah, the madam of the brothel), and as they read it the bed in the room starts shaking like crazy, scaring them to death! 

Later, a local historian tells them that the letter was written the day before one of the largest mining disasters in the history of the United States!

That night, while conducting an EVP session in Sarah’s room, a bottle falls over.  Later drug counselor Bill Foster identifies the bottle as having contained Laudanum, a painkiller containing opium and alcohol, popular in the early 1900s.   It was also used for abortions and suicide, and one could overdose on just three teaspoons.  WHAT was Sarah really up to??

Travis has John take the bottle away so that Sarah may have some closure. Later, Travis reports that all paranormal activity has stopped at the Dumas Brothel.

Phew. Rest in peace, Sarah.


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