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Ghosts Of Geneva/Fort Fear
Season 3 - Episode 7
Ghosts Of Geneva/Fort Fear
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John and the team head to Geneva, New York to help Margaret, who has been pushed and scratched in her own bedroom.  Her granddaughter was also scratched.  Plus she and her sister saw an apparition of a gentleman with wounds all over his naked body!  She has heard the names Beth and Tom, but she doesn't know who they are.  The shower curtain often whips open by itself.  She loves her house and wants to stay there, but the activity is getting worse and she is terrified.

Genealogy is one of Margaret's hobbies, and she keeps a collection of photo albums and mementos.  She also has a picture of a long lost relative, William Fee, who was hanged for murder!

For the first night of the investigation, Margaret sits in on the EVP session.  When she asks if there's a Tom in the room, the monitor goes off.  Then John starts feeling electrical impulses on his bottom coming through the couch!  They all freak out so John decides Margaret should leave.  Meanwhile, Chris and Brian experience the shower curtain opening upstairs.

Library research the next day uncovered the fact that the conflict between the revolutionary soldiers and the Iroquois in Geneva was tragic.  The Iroquois had been run out of Geneva, but left behind a starving boy they had kidnapped.  That was right near Margaret's house.  He later died.  Additionally, Jason learned that William Fee had murdered a woman after raping her, and threw her body in a ditch.

Because the prison where Fee was executed also reports high paranormal activity, Jason and Jess decide to investigate there on night two, while the rest of the team returns to Margaret's house.  In the bathroom, Brian and John pick up a heat signature of a young child, while Jess and Jason's EVP session reveals that William Fee's ghost is currently in the prison.  The hauntings are all mixed up!

John visits a local historian who tells the story of the Revolutionary War boy, who was named Thomas. That was the name Margaret heard and that was the name John heard when he was shocked!  John gives Margaret a plaque commemorating the boy's life, in hopes that such recognition will put the child's spirit at rest. 

On to Historic Fort Wayne, where historian Chris Forsythe reports an increase in activity:  apparitions, hair pulling, people being pulled, footsteps, strange noises and even Chris himself being pushed.  People are afraid to come visit, and the site is in danger of closing! Oh, and it's 50 buildings, so it's not exactly easy to investigate.

During an EVP session, John, Jess and Jason pick up a voice saying "fire".  Brian and Chris experience pencils falling off a desk- then they see a shadow figure running across the courtyard.

Research reveals that during the 1960s a 5-day gun battle and fires left many homeless in the city, and they were relocated to Fort Wayne.  That could be why the voice said, "fire."

On the second night of the investigation, the guys see a short-circuiting light, which shouldn't even be working.  It leads them to a box containing shoe spikes a roofer would have used for safety. Further research uncovers that national guardsmen in the riot killed a roofer. Coincidence? Likely not!

Treating the spikes as an historical object means showing respect to the soul who once wore them. John leaves them at the site to be used as a memorial. The activity decreases afterwards.   

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