Gledswood Homestead

Gledswood Homestead was once a luxurious and coveted residence in Australia's countryside ... but after a string of mysterious and unfortunate deaths, it became home to much more than macabre memories. Some say the spirits of the deceased still hold keys to its creaky doors and even make use of the bedpans in its rooms.

After the Haunting: Australia gang descends on the haunted homestead, Rayleen makes her way alone to the convict quarters. But rather than investigating the house, the psychic feels compelled to an outbuilding where the young Isabelle Chishom, daughter of the estate’s patriarch James Chishom, perished from scarlet fever. While communicating with the spirit, Rayleen gets a tickle in her throat and has a vision of a girl with a rash all over her body. She leaves in search of a lozenge and a backscratcher.

Ray is the first to take the plunge into the estate's haunted halls in search of patriarch James Chisholm. After challenging whatever spirits might be afoot to reveal themselves, Ray hears a knock come from one of the rooms along the hallway. While attempting to track down the noise's origin, someone or something taps Ray on the shoulder and he flees the scene. But another noise draws Ray to the music room: might it be Chisholm leading Ray around the house?

Back outside, Rayleen thinks she might have company again with Isabelle, who warns her not to descend into the cellar. Rayleen pays Isabelle's message no heed, and it comes back to bite her – nearly literally! Not long underground, Rayleen senses an unsettling presence that sends her running away for dear life. Was it an otherworldly spirit ... or another species?

Ray meets Rayleen as she emerges from the perilous cellar, which she evacuated because she thinks she saw a … snake. Eager to add snake charmer to his already impressive resume, Gaurav goes after the reptile that made Rayleen run wild. Luckily for Rayleen, the poisonous red-bellied black snake Gaurav extracts from the cellar is dead.

But will its ghost come back to haunt her?

In the midst of all the hullabaloo, Ian and Allen investigate the convict quarters where Rayleen believes to have buddied up with Isabelle's spirit. Using a little dolly as bait and an electromagnetic flux pump to boost the energy in the room, Allen and Ray prepare for encounters of a paranormal kind. Allen, unable to see spirits, feels a draft of cold air that might mean a spirit is upon them.

Back on her feet, Rayleen joins Rob as they trek into one of the main rooms of Gledswood in search of restless residents. Though Rob is unable to pick up any chatter on his devices, Rayleen is certain that a spirit named John spoke to her, claiming she'd seen him before. Could it be John Biggs, the Chisholm's groundskeeper who was killed by a falling tree?

As the team's newfangled devices fail them, Ray brings back some old-school methods of paranormal divination, designed by celebrity spiritualist Harold Price, as an alternative. Inside the playroom, Ray lays down a number of trigger objects -- dolls and other toys -- to lure the spirits of the Chisholm children. Gaurav sets up his full-spectrum time-lapse camera to snap activity, and the two leave to allow the spirits their privacy.

Hoping to find John's roaming spirit, Ian and Allen take a walk outside. Ian is drawn to a particular patch of grass and gets the feeling that the deceased groundskeeper did not die instantaneously, as historical reports have stated, but instead tried to crawl to safety before succumbing to his wounds. Has Ian righted an longtime record-keeping mistake?

Meanwhile, Gaurav returns to the cellar in search of evidence of a child spirit one tourist allegedly captured on camera. Though one photograph shows promise, it is too grainy for the ordained exorcist to confirm the presence of an apparition in his midst. As Rayleen and Rob exit the house, the medium gets a sensation of walking through cobwebs -- a feeling that could indicate an ionization change in the air. But Rob thinks the answer is much simpler: There are just a lot of cobwebs around the deck area.

Gaurav and Ray return to Surveillance Central to examine the footage collected from the time-lapse camera but are surprised to find that the batteries had been drained during recording. Ghost hunters believe this to be a sign of spiritual intervention, possibly the meddling of mischievous children.

After the team congregates to review evidence, Ray, Ian and Rayleen describe their paranormal experiences. Rayleen is able to back hers up with an EVP recording she got while poking around the convict quarters; after she asked the little girl spirit if she was crying out for her mother, the recorder captured what sounds like a throaty "Yes" in response.

Besides that, the team's technological findings amount to little else. On to the next location, as this house is ... clean-ish.