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Cockatoo Island

Don't let its name fool you: Australia's Cockatoo Island is anything but cute. Dating back to convict times, the spit of land and the residence on it are plagued by a dark, criminal and brutal history. Taking into account its massive size, poor reception and a flock of diabolical seagulls overhead, will the island, which has never been subjected to paranormal research before, prove to be the most challenging setting for the Haunting: Australia team yet?

Down in Dog-Leg Tunnel, psychic Ian can hear the sounds of ghostly workers laboring, shouting and scurrying back and forth – trying to get that overtime. Unable to persuade them to take a mental health day, Ian continues down the path and thinks he might have a tail. One of the most reported specters seen in the tunnel takes the form of a naval officer, and that very same apparition might be upon Ian. The psychic thinks the spirit only dressed in naval garb to escape imprisonment, and he still lingers because he was unsuccessful at springing himself from the hoosegow. Is he trying to hop on Ian for a ticket out of the dank underbelly?

In the convict quarter, medium Rayleen explores the grounds where once was a fearsome girls' reformatory, eventually shut down for cruelty to children. Inside one of the buildings, Rayleen senses that one spirit in particular stalks its halls frequently ... and then receives confirmation of her hunch from the other side. Could she be communicating with Mary Anne Lucas, the strict wife of the Cockatoo Island reformatory superintendent who some believe is the Red Lady of Cockatoo?

Robb and Allen venture to Biloela House, where the superintendent of the reformatory once resided. It is there that many have reported sightings of the Red Lady; one visitor to the house even claimed being shoved by an unseen agent. Robb and Allen hope to catch some activity on one of their many devices ... or, better yet, get their own sucker punch from behind. However, after receiving short bursts of static on his electromagnetic field meter – exactly how many he requested – Robb packs up and leaves the place. The same happens to Allen after he asks for three bursts on his device, and he follows Robb through the door.

Intrigued by Robb and Allen's run-in, Ian enters Biloela House to get a glimpse of this Red Lady. The instant he steps in the house, he's hit with an overpowering feeling of sadness and begins to cry. Without a box of tissues, and not wanting to jeopardize his bad-boy reputation any further, Ian removes himself.

Rayleen, having soldiered through the circle of squawking gulls, finds her way to the Officers Quarters, where she feels a lurking presence inside. Witnesses have reported a convict-era sentinel named George who was sacked by the convicts he was charged to supervise, and he just might have Rayleen in his sights. Will he penalize her for trespassing? Before she's able to explore further, Rayleen must turn around and leave before the dark energy consumes her.

Outside, Ray is attempting to traverse the Silo Walkway when he's bombarded by the flock of furious seagulls protecting their young. Will bird poop bring him luck in this hour of need or just foreshadow his doom? He ends up making it to the silos, which had been hand-carved by convicts, three of whom died there after being asphyxiated by the smell of rotten wheat. When Ray asks for a sign, a loud clank comes from down the walkway near the warehouse – could it be the spirits of those killed?

After leaving the Officers Quarters, Rayleen finds herself in Bileola House in search of the Red Lady. Soon into her investigation, Rayleen thinks she may have caught on her recorder a spirit making contact with her.

Next to explore the notorious residence are Gaurav and Ian, who are keen on making contact with the Red Lady. Shortly into their stay, the duo sees some of Gaurav's strewn REM pods that measure electromagnetic fields light up with activity. When Gaurav and Ian ask the spirit if she lost a child, their devices respond with long streams of beeping. That, in paranormal patter, means yes. After nearly half an hour of this and having exhausted all their small talk, Gaurav and Ian pack up and the entire team concludes its investigation.

Upon reviewing their evidence, the team is able to begin piecing together the sad story of Biloela House. The strong presence two teams felt there could have been emanating from the ghost of the Red Lady, Mary Anne Lucas, traumatized after losing her child. Satisfied with the thorough investigation, Robb is confident in saying that Cockatoo Island is beyond a doubt haunted and that his ace team was able to determine that firsthand.