Based on the Stephen King novella The Colorado Kid, Haven is set in the village of Haven, ME. Residents suffer from a range of supernatural afflictions called the Troubles, which grant them fantastic and often dangerous powers. Local police officers Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos and Dwight Hendrickson, along with their friends Duke Crocker and brothers Vince and Dave Teagues, are in a constant struggle to keep The Troubles under control.

And then there's the mystery of Audrey. Every 27 years, someone that looks exactly like Audrey arrives in town, bearing a new name. She's been Sarah, and Lucy, and countless others - all leading up to her current incarnation (named, obviously, Audrey). The arrival of the "Audrey" figure temporarily stops The Troubles, but they - and "Audrey" - always comes back. But when Mara - the seeming creator of the Troubles and the first incarnation of "Audrey" arrives in town - Haven's problems look to get worse.

In an ultimate battle of good vs. evil Audrey must fight against Mara to reclaim the life and the town that’s now hers!

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