HavenA Tailor Made Gift Guide for Haven's Residents

A Tailor Made Gift Guide for Haven's Residents

What's in Audrey's Stocking?

'Tis the season of giving, and Syfy is getting in the spirit by gifting a few notable residents of Haven with some very apropos presents.

•    The events of "Audrey Parker's Day Off" sure put Audrey (and us) through the wringer, so we'd snag her a copy of Groundhog Day to lighten her mood.
•    Since Dave and Vince told Audrey that she regularly shows up in Haven with the memories of different women ("Sins of the Father"), we'd set Audrey up with a home DNA testing kit so she can always know exactly who she is. 
•    Audrey also should have the first, and perhaps only, T-shirt in Haven that simply reads, "untroubled" since none of the troubled residents of Haven affect her.

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