HavenA Tailor Made Gift Guide for Haven's Residents

A Tailor Made Gift Guide for Haven's Residents

What's in Duke's Stocking?

'Tis the season of giving, and Syfy is getting in the spirit by gifting a few notable residents of Haven with some very apropos presents.

•    Of course, we'd have to give the tough but sensitive Duke a memento of Evi, his late ex-wife.  Something manly, like the big, chunky Hour Power watch with Evi's picture hidden in the secret, flip-up compartment.
•    We'd all set Duke up with a case of booze—all the better for the holiday parties that are sure to take place at the Grey Gull.  Something versatile and strong like U'Luvka Vodka or Riazul Tequila.
•    Knowing Duke the way we do, we'd also give him a speedboat that he can anchor close by and use for speedy getaways from, well, whoever.

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