Audrey Parker

Audrey Parker

Emily Rose


 Audrey Parker, a former FBI agent, came to Haven on a case and stayed when she realized her mysterious past was wrapped up in the history of the town. Audrey's an antidote to "The Troubles" - the super powers that plague the residents of Haven as more curse than blessing. Every time "The Troubles" appear, Audrey (or some version of her - Lucy Ripley in the 1980s, Sarah in the 1950s) appears to help - never with a memory of her past in town. Despite a nature geared towards helping people, Audrey's no pushover. She's tough and spontaneous, and willing to rely on instinct rather than planning. In many ways she's the opposite of her true love, Nathan Wuornos - whose practical and by-the-book - but that's why they make such a perfect pair.  

Earlier this season, Audrey was possessed by Mara, her lookalike and the psycho bitch creator of "The Troubles." The two split and now Audrey's her own person again. 




Mara's been a bad, bad girl. If you tuned in for Season 4 then you know that Audrey's true self is NOT Sarah nor Lucy but is in fact "Mara"; a gal about town who created the Troubles with William back in the late 1600s. Figuring that it would be better to lock William and his wicked self away for good, the gang gets the bright idea to open the portal to the world "below" the Lighthouse and throw him in so that he can't cause anymore Troubles or influence Audrey/Mara. Good plan, right? Sorta. Our usual players were able to open the portal to the other world to banish William away, which was great but in doing so they also unknowingly stirred up the evil within Audrey and Mara took control of her body. Later, Mara literally "split" from Audrey and became her own, trouble making being. Basically what you need to know about Mara is she is one nasty lady.


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