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Now that Dr. Cross has revealed her true identity, everyone has lots of feelings. Dwight can't get over feeling like she duped him, Audrey thinks Dr. Cross must care more about Mara than she does about her and Nathan is happy that there is someone else in town who he can feel.

After getting acquainted on a much more intimate level, Duke and Mara disagree about how to spend the day. Duke wants to go off in search of the aether while Mara wants to laze around in bed with him.

Now that Duke and Mara (but mostly Mara) have killed Pete, the contagion Trouble that Dr. Cross found so fascinating has vanished. Nevertheless, she sticks around and keeps working on an overall cure for the Troubles.

The sickness outbreak that's been plaguing Haven has reached epic proportions and all hands are on deck to stop it, including Pete, who usually hides the Troubles from the public. Sadly, it turns out that Pete causes this particular Trouble. Even worse, he can't be talked out of it.

Since Dr. Charlotte Cross, from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), just showed up in town looking for him, Dave decides to get in front of the problem by enlisting the aid of Chris Brody, a local marine biologist who has a "charm" Trouble. Remember him from Season 2?

With Nathan banished into another dimension, Duke and Audrey are left to strategize about how to get him back.

Now that Audrey has somehow been separated from Mara, Duke and Nathan decide to keep Mara on Duke's ship for safe keeping until Dwight gets back in town. They really want to turn Mara over to The Guard but without knowing if Mara and Audrey are physically connected, it's too risky.

Previously, when Nathan and Duke switched bodies, Nathan was attempting to question Jeffrey Doohan at "The Freddie" (A.K.A. the Murray Q. Frederickson Psychiatric Facility). Since Duke isn't much on police procedure, Jeffrey Doohan escaped the facility and is still at large.

When last we saw Mara she'd just realized that Audrey was still alive inside of her and had vowed to kill her off. Since Dwight, Duke and Nathan don't know any other way to bring Audrey's personality out, they keep talking to Mara as if she is Audrey.

True to her word, Mara helps Duke release a Trouble to relieve the pressure in his system, but the Trouble she releases causes him to speak gibberish.