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Audrey and Duke search for a way to save Nathan from The Void. Two (yes, two) characters don't survive the experience.

Nathan enters The Void, birthplace of the Troubles and current residence of his old enemy, William. Meanwhile, Dave struggles to free himself of Croatoan's grip.

To stop Croatoan and end the Troubles, Nathan must travel back to 1983. Namely, to the moment when the Colorado Kid (his son, James) was murdered.

While Duke reaches a crossroads after receiving a terrifying vision of Haven’s future, Nathan receives otherworldly aid in his quest to catch Croatoan.

When Dave wakes from a vision about Croatoan killing someone else in Haven he and Vince decide to go investigate. They find a woman—the first survivor of the No Marks Killer but she has no recollection of what happened to her.

While Audrey finds herself trapped in the world of the Sandman, Duke encounters a familiar face and has a startling revelation.

Nathan's on trial for his life and its up to Audrey to save him. Too bad she's also got a serial killer after her.

While a serial killer targets Haven, Nathan leads a dangerous expedition to end the Trouble preventing anyone from leaving town.

New Troubles have exploded over Haven and infected the town. That's the good news.

Now that Dr. Cross has revealed her true identity, everyone has lots of feelings. Dwight can't get over feeling like she duped him, Audrey thinks Dr. Cross must care more about Mara than she does about her and Nathan is happy that there is someone else in town who he can feel.