The Trial of Audrey Parker

Call or raise? This time around, Audrey must make a wise decision at the poker table on Duke's boat with Julia (Eleanor's daughter), Ezra and Tobias. Unfortunately, these two men, who have a history of being banned from casinos along the east coast, manage to outsmart them all.

In the meantime, Agent Howard (Audrey's boss) has come to pay her a visit. After locating Audrey on Duke's boat, Howard questions her about the cases she has worked on in Haven. Audrey tends to not make arrests, claiming that there are "no laws for cursed and afflicted people". However, Howard disagrees and because of Audrey's unethical police reports, he demands that she return to work for the city of Boston as an FBI agent ASAP.

Of course, Audrey resists and as she attempts to plead her case, the two of them are suddenly locked inside of the room. Could things get any more uncomfortable? Suddenly, the boat begins to depart from the dock and Duke and Julia are also locked in another room (Gasp!). It seems that Ezra and Tobias have jacked Duke's boat and they won't let up until they get the package they came for!

Meanwhile, back on land, Chief Wournos attempts to reconcile with his son Nathan. After failed dinner plans and missed bonding opportunities, Nathan decides to get some things off his chest. All of his unresolved issues stem from when his mother died — leaving the Chief as a single parent. Since the Chief didn't know how to cope with his pain, he ignored Nathan and lied to him when his condition (not being able to feel) returned.

Back on the boat, which by the way is now sinking, Ezra and Tobias are looking for a hidden package that doesn't belong to them. Note: Duke is involved in questionable business practices so the contents and purpose of the package will never be revealed, unfortunately. Even after being beaten and tied to a chair, Duke refuses to disclose the package's location. However, he unwillingly and unknowingly spills the beans to Ezra by just thinking. It turns out that, Ezra is emotionally disturbed and can anticipate what people will think before they actually think it. Hence, his immaculate casino scams.

Luckily, Audrey finds an escape hatch and manages to contact Nathan (who's been worrying all along). She then finds Duke and together they devise a plan to hook him up to an ear piece in which Audrey gives him instructions on what to say and do. After stripping down to his Speedos, Duke's thoughts become impossible for Ezra to read, making it easier to apprehend him and Tobias.

In a twisted turn of events, it is revealed that Howard and Chief Wournos devised a plan to keep Audrey in Haven. In the end Audrey quits the FBI and makes her very first arrest as a member of Haven PD — something Howard and the Chief wanted her to do all along.