Lay Me Down

Drunk with the power that touching the blood of a Troubled person gives him, Wade Crocker has taken to stalking new prey: members of The Guard.  He finds his latest victim, Sonia Winston, at a local bar and quickly stabs her to death.
Wade's murders might have gone unnoticed for longer if not for a strange new

Trouble causing problems in Haven. It seems that people's dreams are suddenly becoming real and if someone dies in their dream they die in real life too.  As Nathan and Audrey begin their investigation, Audrey has a hard time keeping her police instincts in check, which increases the danger that someone might recognize her as Audrey, not Lexie. If that happens, the whole town will be clamoring for her to kill Nathan and end the Troubles for good.

After a meeting with Vince and Dave, Nathan and Audrey discover the source of the new Trouble, a newspaper delivery woman named Carrie.  It turns out that Carrie's family has always had Troubles related to dreaming but those problems are usually confined to family itself. Somehow, after she was mugged, Carrie's Trouble increased to the point of affecting other people.

With Audrey's help, Carrie agrees to go into a lucid dream and face her biggest fear: The two muggers who recently attacked her.  It's a tough task and Carrie gets hurt but she perseveres. With her fears defeated, Carrie can sleep soundly and so can the rest of Haven…for now. Because, ironically the two muggers in Carrie's dream just so happen to be the same thugs from the bar where Lexie and William were. Have they mad they're way to Haven?

Jennifer isn't having any nightmares, per se, but she is stressed about getting a job.  She applies to the Haven Herald where Vince and Dave trick her into doing a background check on …herself. Surprisingly, she uncovers something of interest.  It turns out that Jennifer's adoption was arranged by a man Vince and Dave knew as Agent Howard, the caretaker of mystical place known as The Barn.

Back on Duke's boat, a broken knife arouses Duke's suspicions about Wade and, after a bit of searching, Duke finds Wade's underwater burial ground. Duke locks Wade up to save him from himself but the plan backfires when Wade gets loose and attacks Jennifer to touch her blood.  Duke sees no choice but to kill Wade but, once Wade is dead Duke discovers that his Trouble has vanished.  Maybe for good.