Helix News

From Helix to Continuum: Kyra Zagorsky Stays With Syfy

Apr 13 - 11:22am

Helix may have just ended its second season, but at least one of its cast members won't be leaving the realm of Syfy anytime soon.

Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - O Brave New World

Apr 12 - 3:27pm

And so the second season of Helix goes out not with a bang but a "WTF?"

Helix: Top 13 Most Effed-Up Things About Season Two

Apr 9 - 3:11pm

It's been quite the lively tour through the island of St. Germain, filled with multi-generational incest, gunky yellow fungus, sibling rivalry, cannibalism, gas attacks, disfigurements and even a shower sex scene.

Helix: Our Favorite Totally Psycho Couples

Apr 1 - 4:48pm

Peter and Anne are so bonkers, we thought they needed company.

Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - The Ascendant

Apr 1 - 1:34pm

Well, Helix just keeps going further and further down that deep, dark, twisted sicko rabbit hole.

Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Plan B

Apr 1 - 12:37pm

Be warned: this one isn't for the faint a heart.

Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Mother

Mar 27 - 9:43am

Michael gets sealed in a concrete tomb and then everything really goes to hell at The Abbey (and the entire island of St. Germain, at that).

Helix: Important Eye Patched Characters

Mar 25 - 5:22pm

Soren's in good company when it comes to the ol' one-eye look. Here are some of our favorite characters that work the eye patch like nobody's business.