Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Densho

Friday, February 13, 2015 - 10:34

Welcome back. Let's get down with the sickness of Helix once again with the three most effed-up moments of the latest episode.

Season 2, Episode 4: "Densho"

  1. Family Matters
    Everything involving Hatake and Julia in this episode was so beautifully bonkers insane. Really, this is the most effed-up Father-Daughter relationship in the history of fathers and daughters (and that's saying something!). Hatake takes a break from his process of "giving therapy" to Julia (which involves strapping her naked to a gurney and preparing to poison her) to go fishing with Daniel, after which Julia manages to escape and Hatake gives chase … with a samurai sword. They then engage in battle in the woods; Hatake with his freakin' sword and Jules with an axe. It ends with Hatake getting seriously wounded and handing his weapon over to Jules, claiming it's his "legacy." Dear lord.

  2. The Last Supper
    It doesn't end in the woods, though. Hatake, being immortal, has some impressive stamina even with a giant slash in his stomach, and he manages to stumble back to his cuckoo cabin. There, he's comforted by Daniel and Jaye, who promise to never leave him. Oh, man … is Hatake now one of the corpses at the dinner table? We hope not. We love Hatake, even though he's off his damn rocker.

  3. No More Preggers?
    Speaking of family, we leave Sarah perhaps not in a "family way" anymore after Soren's crazy mama Olivia decides the CDC is to blame for the current mess at the Abbey and suddenly stabs Dr. Jordan in the tummy. Jeez laweez — did that blade go right through Sarah's immortal baby? Horrible!

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