Kyle Sommer

Dr. Kyle Sommer

Matt Long

Dr. Kyle Sommer is a world-class toxicologist with a Southern swagger. As the newest member of the CDC team, his Texas charm can bring levity to even the darkest of situations ... but what he discovers on the island is unlike anything he's encountered before, and it will change his life in ways he has yet to understand.

About Matt Long

Matt Long was born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky and started acting early on in school plays in elementary school. After moving to New York after graduating from Western Kentucky University, he soon made his television debut in the lead role of Jack McCallister in WB's critically acclaimed series, Jack & Bobby. Matt subsequently portrayed Dr. James Peterson on Private Practice (2012-13) and also appeared on Mad Men, The Newsroom, Love Bites, The Deep End and Lucky 7.

Matt's film credits include Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider, in which he portrayed young Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage), and Sydney White, opposite Amanda Bynes.