Helix Episodes


Season Two ends with twists, turns, shocks and surprises.

Kitted out in a serial-killerish rubber apron and gloves, holding an axe, Peter surveys the victims he's dragged indoors. He and Anne chop them up. Peter bellows a lot. As Peter showers off the gore, Anne decides it's a great time to join him and get some, because she's crazy and so is Peter.

The National Primate Research Center, Bethesda MD. A doctor releases the "latest" gas compound into a monkey's cage as military guys look on sternly (hey, someone's got to do the glaring without Aerov around).

Beside a funeral pyre for the dead Killigan's Islanders, Jules quizzes Amy about Mother, the foundation root stock for the sexless apples. She explains Ilaria's population-decimation plan and asks how much Amy wants for Mother so Jules can stop it. Amy doesn't want money; she wants Immortality...

In the woods, a Cockney husband-and-wife pair of mycotics snipe at each other about the wife's crappy stew and the husband's shiftlessness. The argument turns into fisticuffs. From a puddle of overturned stew, a disembodied eyeball watches ...

We return to Killigan's Island accompanied by Pete Seeger singing "Plow Under" over a montage of dead abbeyites and the desperate attempts of Peter, Anne, and Kyle to breach the dining-hall door. When they succeed, they find everyone dead.

Alan wakes up in his quarters and does a lot of hungover blinking. He has blood on his hands. He flashes back to throttling Sarah and some bloody utensils …

Jules and Alan are getting it on as a Dr. Pozniak makes a presentation to the Ilaria board about the silver lining of the disaster at Arctic Biosystems: Narvik-C.

Flashback to three months prior. In a car at night, a woman hands Kyle a file on Alan and explains that Alan's "our responsibility" after the Waterloo in the Arctic and the bombing of Ilaria. Does "our" mean "the United States's"? "Ilaria's"?

As if the people on Killigan's Island didn't have enough problems, now apparently we can add killer bees to the list. Brother Travis gets stung in the orchard, and the next morning, he's jealous of the lady who comes to check on him because she Did It with another man.