Hunters Episodes


It's the day of The Purge and the fate of the human race lies in the ETU's hands.

Fugitives Flynn and Regan make a dangerous play as help for the ETU comes from the unlikeliest of sources.

The ETU sets up an elaborate plan to halt The Purge, but how far will Flynn and Regan go to spare innocent lives?

Flynn's past become dangerously present whilst Emme's investigation into Abby puts her own life at risk.

Abby's loyalty is tested, Flynn hits rock bottom and Regan must bargain one family member's fate for another's freedom.

While Regan reunites with a long-lost family member, Flynn self-destructs and Abby makes a bold move.

While Regan finds herself trapped amongst the Hunters, the ETU mole is revealed.

The ETU closes in on the Hunters' leader but the raid to capture him could cost Flynn and Regan everything.

Flynn learns the shocking truth about who, and what, his wife was.

McCarthy is captured while Flynn's search for his wife leads to desperate actions. Plus: Get ready for a live Hunter birth!