Incorporated Episodes


Betrayals, secrets, murder and a surprise plot twist, 2074-style, converge as Ben's plan reaches its end.

While Ben investigates a murder he committed, 2074 business tactics lead Elizabeth to do the unthinkable.

To protect his secret, Ben may have to sacrifice his life. Plus: Has Laura made a deal with the 2074 devil? Until then, catch up on the latest episodes.

In 2074, stealing corporate secrets can cost lives and may expose Ben's past. Plus: Laura goes rogue.

Kidnapping, extortion, drugs, covert operations, dismemberment. This is your 2066 life, Laura Larson.

As the cruelty of 2074 life crystallizes, secrets are exposed and new threats emerge ... and not everyone survives.

New threats and genetically engineered babies could cripple Ben's plan just as completion is in sight.

Corporate espionage, 2074 style: Ben must pull off a con that cheats death itself.

The harsh realities of 2074's rich and poor come into focus for Laura and Theo.

In 2074, where corporations govern all, one man must risk exposing his true identity to find his lost love.