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To stop an army, the Killjoys must pull an old-fashioned heist. It’s nothing compared to what Dutch learns.

At last, Dutch and her double Aneela’s true origins are revealed. It’s not what you expected.

Agatha Christie meets Killjoys when a trapped group of Qreshi nobles start dying one by one. Whodunnit?

To stop the Hullen, the Killjoys must attack their own base. Too bad a mole amongst them has other plans.

Deadly bounty hunters, surprising origins, warrants, warlords and a secret alliance. Just another episode.

A seemingly dead planet houses a creepy cult and a surprising connection to the Killjoys' past.

While the Killjoys train new recruits, Johnny investigates murderous cyborgs. Yep.

New partners, new enemies, new missions. It’s good to be back, Killjoys.  


As the Killjoys work to save the Quad, lines are crossed, revelations are made and not everyone survives.

When the Killjoys try to liberate Old Town, Dutch finds herself put on trial by an angry mob.