For Season 4
Returns Later This Year

Killjoys Episodes


It’s time for the final battle. Killjoys vs. Hullen. Aneela vs. Dutch. Who will win? And who will survive?

The Killjoys make a desperate play to defeat the Hullen. Plus: Delle Seyah drops the craziest secret yet.

To stop an army, the Killjoys must pull an old-fashioned heist. It’s nothing compared to what Dutch learns.

At last, Dutch and her double Aneela’s true origins are revealed. It’s not what you expected.

Agatha Christie meets Killjoys when a trapped group of Qreshi nobles start dying one by one. Whodunnit?

To stop the Hullen, the Killjoys must attack their own base. Too bad a mole amongst them has other plans.

Deadly bounty hunters, surprising origins, warrants, warlords and a secret alliance. Just another episode.

A seemingly dead planet houses a creepy cult and a surprising connection to the Killjoys' past.

While the Killjoys train new recruits, Johnny investigates murderous cyborgs. Yep.

New partners, new enemies, new missions. It’s good to be back, Killjoys.