Killjoys Episodes


As the Killjoys work to save the Quad, lines are crossed, revelations are made and not everyone survives.

When the Killjoys try to liberate Old Town, Dutch finds herself put on trial by an angry mob.

New clues from Khlyen lead to a crossroads for Dutch, while Johnny and Pawter try to prevent an all-out war.

As the truth about Level Sixers is exposed, Johnny makes a choice that could impact his future with the team.

The search for Khylen forces Dutch to face some ugly truths of her past.

Pawter and Johnny face a new danger AND her family. Plus: D’avin’s past revealed.

The Killjoys' mission to transport a group of students brings them face to face with an old enemy.

The Killjoys must deal with killer bugs and green slime in their quest to expose Khylen. Plus: Pawter plays dirty.

The Killjoys attempt a dangerous infiltration of Old Town to rescue their friends.

Dutch and Johnny attempt a dangerous rescue of D’avin, who witnesses a whopper of a surprise.