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Fae Name: Albastor
What: A prudish creature who punishes those who overindulge in sex.
Origin: former Soviet Republics

Fae Name: Aswang
What: Eaters of the human dead who often work as butchers.
Origin: Philippine folklore

Fae Name: Banshee
What: Attendant spirits of old Celtic families; a woman whose wail or keening foretells the unstoppable death of a member of one of the noble families.
Origin: Celtic Irish

Fae Name: Basilisk
What: A legendary reptile with extremely toxic skin that is reputed to be the king of serpents. It takes the form of a lizard-like snake with a crown-shaped crest on its head.
Origin: Medieval European

Fae Name: Djieien
What: A nomadic spider that injects its victims with venom that causes hallucinations, paranoia and aggression. It buries its heart to protect itself, so it can't be killed face-to-face.
Origin: Native American

Fae Name: Dullahan
What: A headless, malicious mercenary.
Origin: Celtic mythology and folklore

Fae Name: Furies
What: Three avenging sisters (whose name means the Angry Ones) punish wrongs committed by humans with horrible zeal.
Origin: Classical Roman Mythology (also known as Erinys in Greek Mythology)


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