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Fae Name: Goblins
What: A race of mischievous creatures, described as grotesque and evil.
Origin: Anglo-Norman

Fae Name: Hrimthurs
What: Frost giants that freeze their victims to death from the inside out.
Origin: Norse Mythology

Fae Name: Hsien
What: Body-jumping creatures that can inhabit and control the newly dead.
Origin: Chinese folklore and mythology

Fae Name: Kappa
What: A malicious aquatic yokai, or water deity, with scaly skin and webbed fingers that entices humans into the water where it devours their innards. The source of a Kappa's power is the water-filled depressions atop its head, thought to contain a magical elixir that gives it both strength and life. If you knock the top of its head off, you drain its life force.
Origin: Japanese mythology.

Fae Name: Leanan Sidhe
What: A beautiful, toxic muse, who inspires and feeds off the creative genius of artists, leading to their insanity and death.
Origin: Celtic Folklore

Fae Name: Lightning Bird
What: It manifests itself through the use of lightning and can be seen in its true form to human women only. Its egg is believed to contain special properties for tracing thieves.
Origin: African

Fae Name: Lycanthrope
What: Shape shifters that can transform between their wolf and human forms.
Origin: Ancient Greek


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