Richard Wilson

As Court Physician, Gaius learned to keep his head down, tending to Uther's ills without incurring his wrath. So when Merlin arrived on his doorstep and turnedout to be a powerful wizard in the making, Gaius could be forgiven for running for the hills. The last thing he needed as he headed towards his twilight years was to be caught up in the fateful early days of Merlin and Arthur's uneasy partnership.

But thankfully, Gaius is blessed with the kindest of hearts. And in his long years he has learnt enough to know that those gifted with magic must be guided towards the right path, otherwise their powers can be turned to evil. Indeed in his younger days, Gaius himself dallied with magic...but that's a time he'd rather forget.

Gaius rapidly found himself becoming fond of the lively, impulsive young man who has been placed in his charge. Merlin, for his part, would struggle to survive his new and dangerous life without the old man's guidance. Gaius serves as Merlin's conscience and advisor, a father figure who grounds Merlin in the real world, no matter how fantastical his adventures may become.

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