Colin Morgan

Merlin will one day grow up to be the greatest wizard the world will ever know, his feats passed down in myth and legend for over a thousand years. But for now he's just a young man, geeky and awkward, leaving home for the exciting world of Camelot. The mythic city offers a world of opportunity but also hidden dangers. Merlin's immense magical powers are just starting to come to the fore - but if Uther were to find out his son's manservant was a wizard, Merlin would face certain death.

However that's not going to stop Merlin using magic where he needs to. He's a brave young man in his own way - not with swords and spears like Arthur, but with a strong sense of what is right and just. He doesn't hesitate to put himself in harm's way if someone needs his help.

But it's not easy having Merlin's powers - he sometimes feels that the whole weight of the world is on his shoulders. His magic can be a heavy burden and he can never use magic for his own ends. If the world only knew what Merlin could do he'd be popular, rich....and dead. So he has to watch Arthur get the credit and the girls, not knowing that one day his legacy as kingmaker and sage will be famous throughout the world.

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