Arthur's Bane - Part 2
Season 5 - Episode 2
Arthur's Bane - Part 2

At sword's point, Merlin and Arthur are lead to Morgana's door, but a ruse and a swift blow spell freedom for them. They race across the tundra and leap over a chasm. Mordred pursues, but upon reaching the divide, simply looks at his quarry. Arthur lowers his stolen crossbow in response, but Merlin, remembering his vision of Mordred slaying Arthur, rails against him for it.

In Camelot, Sefa appeals her sentence in vain, causing Gaius to inquire into Gwenivere's severity. She explains, in private, that she has no intention of executing Sefa, but is calculating that Sefa's father, Ruadan - the true threat to Camelot - will attempt to rescue her. On the eve of Sefa's execution, Ruadan appears, and with magic and broadsword, spirits his daughter to safety - but not without sustaining a mortal wound. Sefa begs her father to heal himself, but he has no such power. In his final act, he writes to Morgana to tell her that Arthur is not at Camelot, and must be nearing Ismere.

Upon reaching Ismere, the droves of guards standing watch force Arthur and Merlin to enter the castle through the sewers. In the mines, they quickly find most of the knights, but when they find Gwaine, he lies healing under the watch of the being of light, known as an Euchdag. The being has identified itself as the key to all knowledge, the key that Morgana seeks. It instantly sees Merlin's true nature and knows he is Emrys. Arthur's men manage to arm themselves and clear their way out of the mines, but Arthur, Gwaine, and Merlin are cut off by Morgana's dragon. Merlin slips away and speaks to the dragon, learning that he's been badly hurt, and managing to cut a peace with the creature.

But Morgana, whose reunion with Mordred is cut short by Arthur's arrival, intercepts the young king before he escapes. As she toys with him at knifepoint, Merlin approaches, but Morgana's magic sends Merlin flying against a rock. Mordred, seeing the hatred Morgana continues to bear and the love Arthur tries to extend, intervenes on the murder by stabbing the priestess. Arthur and his band escape, and Morgana is left to hobble through the snow to some safe haven. On returning to Camelot, against Merlin's wishes, Mordred is knighted a member of the Round Table.

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