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Forbidden Werewolf
Season 1 - Episode 102
Forbidden Werewolf
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Thomas Churchill is one of the industry's up-and-comers, wooing audiences and producers with his unique directing style. He knows that SOTA are leaders in spooky monster building, and he goes to them when he wants to shoot a werewolf film entirely with practical effects - nothing computer generated. Roy thinks Constance is advanced enough to take on her first original design, so he puts her at the helm of the werewolf drawing. She's nervous and initially has some difficulty but, after an inspiration trip encounter with a vicious guard dog, she knocks it out of the park, and Tom is thrilled.

Meanwhile, one of Roy's childhood heroes, Richard Elfman, is directing the sequel to his cult classic, Forbidden Zone, and he asks Cleve to design the face for the hideous character, Princess Polly. For Roy's sake as much as his own, Cleve really wants to make this design amazing.

The first "Forbidden Zone" was a family effort, with Richard's brother, Danny, writing the music. Cleve and Constance find a balance of monstrous and girlish for Polly that Richard loves, and is such a work of art that it just might persuade Richard's daughter-in-law, Jenna Elfman, to take part in the fun. The big day arrives, a beautiful actress is transformed into a creepy character, and everyone's thrilled.

But the werewolf build is as rocky as the Polly build was smooth, the biggest issue being that the unique fur that Cleve special ordered has not arrived. The SOTA team does everything they can do, starting with building a giant foam latex body suit for the six-foot-plus stuntman, polishing it, painting it, molding nasty, gnashing teeth...and, at last, the fur arrives, but when Thomas sees that it's grey, instead of the brown they agreed upon, he's furious. But eventually Cleve demonstrates how the fur looks over the reddish-brown body, a complementary color choice, and Tom once again trusts the master.

Even with all the elements in place, the werewolf is such a monstrous build that it's down to the wire getting everything together to get to set in time. When they finally arrive, the clock is ticking and Tom is getting antsy. But when he sees the werewolf suit in action, with clicking jaws and spurting blood, he falls in love and all is forgiven. They get the shots they need, and the shoot is a success.

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