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Jabbawockeez Masked In Color
Season 1 - Episode 6
Jabbawockeez Masked In Color

Red and Drew have a meeting with chef Carla Pellegrino, a noted culinary figure in Las Vegas. Carla plies them with food and speaks to them in an accent that is completely unidentifiable (Italian? Brazilian?) but she's got a great smile and a great husky voice so who cares. Carla is hosting a tasting for some potential investors for a new restaurant, so she needs to make an impression. And what makes more of an impression than naked painted people? Eating off naked painted people! Carla wants to serve dinner on the models and have them resemble the food and desserts she's planning on wowing her investors with. Red's up for the challenge.

Back at the Naked Vegas studio, Red explains the Carla job to the crew. Two of the models will be under a glass table, and will be painted with pictures of the dishes being served on them. That way, when an investor picks up a plate of salad (or whatever), an image of the plate of salad will be right under where the actual plate was moved (get it?). For the dessert model, the guests will actually be eating off of her. Which means Red and co. have to go find edible paint because nothing would screw up a meeting with investors like one of them dropping dead from eating paint.

Red and the team arrive at Carla's space and get ready. Carla arrives an hour beforehand to start cooking and starts freaking out that things won't be ready. Red assures her all will be well, but she may have to bite her tongue when Carla declares she doesn't like the drop cloth that the dessert model is lying on. Meaning the Naked Vegas team has to somehow remove it without moving the model, since that could screw up her body paint. As much as we'd have liked to have Red immediately just pull the drop cloth out from under the model in one fell swoop, ala that trick people do with set tables, it doesn't happen. However, the team manages to clear the space without disturbing the paint. Carla's dinner goes off without a hitch and the investors are impressed with the looks (whether they like the food she cooks is TBD).

Next job! Red cold calls the Jabbawockeez, a dance troupe celebrating their 10th year anniversary performing in Vegas. The motif of the Jabbawockeez is wearing brightly colored suits and white masks so none of their faces are seen. It's sort of like Blue Man Group meets Michael Myers, just minus the murder. Red loves them so much that she pitches Naked Vegas to do a special look for one of their 10th anniversary performances. Their manager is skeptical – he doesn't want the guys naked and is hesitant about any nude models, because it's a family friendly show. Red swears that she'll do something tasteful and cool.

Back at the studio, the team devises an idea to paint the models – a mixture of men and women – in the seven colors of the Rainbow. When they come together, Rainbow Brite will emerge and do a dance! No, we wish. But what the team does plan that's very cool is to paint portions of the Jabbawockeez signature mask on the back of the models. The plan is, when the models come together in a certain formation, the visual effect will look like three masks lined up  -one points towards the left, one facing the audience and one pointing towards the right. It requires a specific painting style involving perspective. Plus, the team has to figure out how to account for any spaces between the models' bodies when they stand next to each other (which, P.S., they do).

At the Jabbawockeez show, the once skeptical manager is very impressed by the classy (read: family friendly) paint job and the cool mask-formation effect Red and team have come up with. The models help end the Jabbawockeez show with great applause.

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