NeverlandCharacter Origins


As written by J.M. Barrie, the fairy Tinkerbell actually was a tinker, mending pots and kettles, and the "bell" in her name came from the sound of a tinkling bell that served as her dialogue in stage productions. She is described as sometimes ill-tempered, but also helpful and kind to Peter, a dichotomy that Barrie chalks up to her small size and inability to hold more than one feeling at a time. Fairies such as Tinkerbell enabled other visitors to Neverland to fly by sprinkling them with "fairy dust."


A member of the Tree Spirit race, Tinkerbell is tasked with the protection of the forests and natural resources of Neverland. She is, however, a rebellious sort, and proves herself more willing to engage with the humans who suddenly find themselves in this mystical new world. She defies the elders of her tribe in befriending Peter, and proves herself a useful companion. Her name comes from the sound her wings make as she flies.

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